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  • 1. New User Settings bypass
    We are trying to standardize PowerPoint per user on a machine for general use - having many users. I can set registry entries to get the behavior I want, specifically ssEndOnBlankSlide = 0 as one example. If I save these settings in the registry, under HKCU and HKLM to include the .default profile, the settings do not propogate down to the users and they must manually be set per user. I used a batch file in their startup directory that fixes this issue, but I would rather know how to set the registry correctly. Additionally, when a new user logs into this public machine, the new user setup with username and initials, etc, comes up. I'd like to bypass this and have those registry settings set for this new user. I have been looking and asking everywhere I can find and would appreciate words on fixing this issue. -- Major Andy "Skipper" Berry USAF Academy
  • 2. Outlook disables my VBA macros for Word
    I have created a toolbar using VBA for Word that enables 'smart client' data exchange between Word and a set of web services The macros do not execute if the client uses Word as his/her email editor with Outlook. The macros run correctly in Word if the client is not running Outlook or if the email editor in Outlook is something other than Word. I have attempted changing the security setting in Word and in Outlook. The macros are unsigned. Please advise. Thanks John Buch
  • 3. Bad arguments when opening SQL table for ADD
    I'm trying to add a record to a SQL server table. I'm using the following code: Set recSet3 = New ADODB.Recordset recSet3.CursorLocation = adUseServer recSet3.CursorType = adOpenKeyset recSet3.LockType = adLockOptimistic recSet3.Open "dbo_t_phone_number", dbConn, , , adCmdTable where dbConn is: Dim dbConn As Object Set dbConn = Application.DBEngine(0)(0) When I attempt to execute the "recset3.Open" command, I'm getting the following error and don't know why: "Arguments are of the wrong type, are out of acceptible range, or are in conflict with one another" Any insight on this would be MOST appreciated. Note that I'm running Access 2002, and DO NOT issue an explicit database OPEN command. Thanks a million!
  • 4. Excel vba Date Picker question
    Hi I'm trying to add a function on a userform in Excel 97 that enables a user to chose a date from some time in the future, that I can then write back to a record on another data sheet. My problem is that I can't use the DT Picker Active X function because this only seems to be installed as part of the full Office Pro install which many of the target machines don't have. They're also too tied down to easily install the ActiveX component on it's own. Does anyone have a fairly easy alternative method for a date chosing function that will operate even under a fairly basic Excel 97 build? Thanks in advance!
  • 5. VBA for involving Dates
    Here is my question. I have an excel file that is a log file from our system. It tracks dates of events and the type of events. It has columns for each of the different fields. I have a second workbook that references the log workbook and does a countif to count the different occurances that an event type occurs between. What I would like to figure out is if there is a way i can designate two cells, or better yet, input boxes, that you could type in the beginning date and end date, and then it would automatically find the correct cell range to be input into my countif statement on other workbook. For example, if i input 12/1/2005 as the start date and 12/12/2005 as the end date, it would locate the last cell that had the date 12/12/2005 and the first cell that had 12/1/2005 which would define the range that I could use in my countif(WorkbookName!StartRef:EndRef, "search term"). For reference, my dates are located in column A and my event type data is located in column F. The dates are stored in MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS format. There is one row created for each event occurence. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks, AdamH

Using HTTP

Postby Q29yeQ » Sun, 20 Jul 2008 03:16:01 GMT

Is there a way to retrieve text from a process initiated through an HTTP URL? 
 I have a server side script that can return text, but I don't know how to 
get VBA to initiate the process and get the text that is returned.  Any 


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I am trying to get Outlook 2003 to connect to my Exchange 2003 server via

If I am on my company LAN it all works fine (via HTTP and TCP depending
whether I set the use HTTP on fast networks option).

The problem I have is from the internet via our firewall, the client tries
to connect but never get connected.

I can connect to the same server via OWA without any problems, so the
SSL/HTTPS ports are opened OK on the firewall.

I have done a protocol trace and there client appears starts a converstation
with the server OK, on a LAN working connection it starts with TCP frames
then changes to MSRPC frames, on the failing external connection this change
never happens, but the start of the conversation looks simialr (same size
frames is about the best you can get due to the SLL)

In the trace I also see, on the failing connection, some NetBios name
requests for our internal sever name, making me thing the problem lies in
name resolution.

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