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  • 1. Imitating Windows Explorer
    I created the code to do a customized filesearch on our file server and display the results in a listview control. Is there an easy way to open the file a user selects from the list regardless of what kind of file it is (Office, text, PDF, .bmp, etc.)? In other words, I would like to be able to open the selected file as if I had double-clicked it in Windows Explorer. If there isn't an easy way to do this, what would be your recommended approach to doing this? I know that invoking IE brings up the file but I need to open the file in an application where it can be edited. Invoking Windows Explorer brings up a window with the file highlighted, but it doesn't open it. I have Office XP and my experience is limited to VBA. Any suggestions are appreciated!
  • 2. resize a selected picture in Word
    Hi all, I have writen the following macro to resize a selected picture in a Word document. ------------------- Sub Resize() ' ' Macro1 Macro ' Macro recorded 10/16/2003 by AIRCOM International ' Dim dist As Single Selection.ShapeRange.LockAspectRatio = False dist = CentimetersToPoints(17) Selection.ShapeRange.Width = dist dist = CentimetersToPoints(14) Selection.ShapeRange.Height = dist End Sub --------------------- When i run the macro i get: Run-time Error '70' Permission Denied Can anyone help me please? Regards, Alex
  • 3. Passing string variable from access 2000 to word 2000
    Need to pass a string (ex: Ticket = 2582873) from access to a word document I open from access. I need to take this ticket_no.value in access 2000 to be available to pass to my code in the word document. Any ideas. Below is an example of code I'm using to open the word document from access. Dim x As Object Dim y As String Dim z As Object NUM = NEW_EMPLOYEE_NO Set x = CreateObject("Word.application") x.Visible = True x.Documents.Open ("p:\") Thanks in advance.
  • 4. LOTUS 123 conversion to Excel 2002
    Hello, I would like to convert a LOTUS 123 spreadsheet to Excel 2002. Initially I saved the file in LOTUS 123 and then opened the file in Excel. I received an error message the stated annot read record (Name :{ LOTUS.WK4}b!..) followed by icrosoft Excel cannot convert some of the cells. The total number of errors found is 73 Trying a different approach, I saved the LOTUS 123 file as an Excel Workbook. When opening the file in Excel, there were no errors but I also found my macro didn not convert. I have all the code needed to create the Macros, but I am not sure how the macros are triggered. How do I record a new macro with the exsisting code I have from LOTUS 123.
  • 5. Missing object library
    Im developing some vba code in excel 2000. I need the PowerPoint object library. Ok, Ill go and select it from the tools -> references and choose Microsoft PowerPoint 9.0 Object Library. When im done with the project its ok and running fine on excel 2k. Then I run it on excel XP. Everything is still fine. Now lets take it back to excel 2k. Now in vba tools -> references I have: MISSING: Microsoft PowerPoint 10.0 Object Library. XP somehow seems to force the Ppt objet library to version 10. Is there a way to avoid this or to make it change back to 9.0 in excel 2k? Greatly appreciate any help.

Using HTTP

Postby Q29yeQ » Sun, 20 Jul 2008 03:16:01 GMT

Is there a way to retrieve text from a process initiated through an HTTP URL? 
 I have a server side script that can return text, but I don't know how to 
get VBA to initiate the process and get the text that is returned.  Any 


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When clients connect to our Exchange server using the HTTP connection (not to 
be confused with RPC over HTTP) two issue arise. 1) Blank messages appear in 
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I am trying to connect outlook to an Exchange server using HTTP. 

As I enter in the exchange server I am unable to connect and receive mail 
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I have a quick question regarding the use of "Exchange over the Internet - 
Connect using HTTP". We use Exchange & Outlook 2003 in our environment. If I 
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I am trying to get Outlook 2003 to connect to my Exchange 2003 server via

If I am on my company LAN it all works fine (via HTTP and TCP depending
whether I set the use HTTP on fast networks option).

The problem I have is from the internet via our firewall, the client tries
to connect but never get connected.

I can connect to the same server via OWA without any problems, so the
SSL/HTTPS ports are opened OK on the firewall.

I have done a protocol trace and there client appears starts a converstation
with the server OK, on a LAN working connection it starts with TCP frames
then changes to MSRPC frames, on the failing external connection this change
never happens, but the start of the conversation looks simialr (same size
frames is about the best you can get due to the SLL)

In the trace I also see, on the failing connection, some NetBios name
requests for our internal sever name, making me thing the problem lies in
name resolution.

Has any seen similar problems? or have a solution?


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