Class Not Registered Error In Vis Studio IDE

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Class Not Registered Error In Vis Studio IDE

Postby TjhkYWdyOA » Fri, 14 Apr 2006 22:16:02 GMT

Hello -

I'm using the Spreadsheet WebComponent in a WinForms application.

Because I wanted to handle events from the WebComponent, I followed the 
instructions in the MS KB article 
( http://www.**--****.com/ ) and recompiled the OWC11 dll.

After recompiling, I was left with the following dlls:

I then opened up Vis Studio 2003, and added the AxOWC11.dll components to my 
Toolbox: AxChartSpace, AxPivotTable, AxSpreadsheet.

I created my WinForm and compiled my project. I then went to a different 
development machine, but brought all my DLLs. I added the same components to 
my Toolbox, but when I try to drag any of the components over to a Form, I 
get a MsgBox with the following error "Class Not Registered".

The only thing I know is that my first development box had Office 2003 
installed (I'm using OWC11) and the second development box had Windows XP 

Hence, I cannot develop on this second machine. Does anybody know how to 
either "Register" my recompiled OWC11 DLLs or know to resolve this issue.


Re: Class Not Registered Error In Vis Studio IDE

Postby Alvin Bruney » Fri, 14 Apr 2006 23:28:39 GMT

OWC must be installed on your machine for OWC to work. The events walkthru 
only prepares a suitable RCW. Install the OWC components on that machine.

Warm regards,
Alvin Bruney [MVP ASP.NET]

[Shameless Author plug]
The O.W.C. Black Book with .NET, Amazon
Professional VSTO.NET - Wrox/Wiley 2006

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