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  • 1. buying office from person
    Is there any way of telling if an Office product has been registered by the # before you agree to buy it from a private party without actually registering it first?
  • 2. Office 2003 Professional
    Can Office 2003 Professional edition be installed on Windows XP Home edition, or does it need only the Professional version of XP?
  • 3. Office XP vs. Office 2003
    Can anyone tell me whats the difference is between these 2? Or atleast which one came first? Thanks, Dave
  • 4. Office 2000 menus slow
    I have Office 2000 Standard running on a Windows 98 PC with a Pentium 733 processor and 256 MB RAM. The menus in Office applications come up very slowly. I also have Word Perfect 8 installed and the menus are fine. Is there any way to correct this problem? Thanks, Rick Bonazelli
  • 5. Extremely slow loading on cliparts in office 2003 .. WHY?
    We are preparing an office 2003 setup at work to test and learn about all the new changes. We have now a problem where for instance with cliparts (and other import files,pictures, souds etc) the waqit time is extremely slow. This happens only when logged in to the network. If we log in locally , the load times are next to not excisiting. My theory is that for some reason , when logged in office starts checkin gthe online profiles rather then th elocally stored profiles. But I am clueless as how to solve this problem. Does any one have any suggestions?

Office 2000 compatible with windows xp home

Postby theketters » Sat, 25 Oct 2003 00:42:58 GMT

Checking to see if Office 2000 is compatible with windows 
xp home...need to upgrado to xp but can't find on 
microsoft site whether the 2 are compatible, I have heard 
that they are...

Re: Office 2000 compatible with windows xp home

Postby DL » Sat, 25 Oct 2003 07:47:31 GMT

O2K on WinXP is OK

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