Resized pictures in Word don't stay resized

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Resized pictures in Word don't stay resized

Postby Opinicus » Fri, 06 Feb 2004 22:46:54 GMT

Using Word 2002 from Office XP Pro. All updates etc in place.

When I insert an image in a Word document by means of a link and then resize
the image, the resizing doesn't "stick". If I save and close the document
then reopen it, the image is back to its original size.

Is there a way to make the resizing stay put?

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Hi John & Elliot et al

Not sure how the palette discussion got off on all this, but since I posted a 
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As to Light and Pro versions of software, I think there will be more dongles 
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John: I like InDesign. I was never a power user in FM, but was dismayed they 
dropped the Mac version. However, I have ID and find it great to work in. 
Really fluid and intuitive. But it is really a layout program, not a word 
processor. Those are big mss you deal with [Whew! beaucoup pages!] and 
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As to fixing Word: Is it possible? It is so bloated, how can they fix it without 
a clean sweep or serious pruning? As it is now, we keep using less and less 
of it to avoid the problems. 

I hope you scared them with your Aussie apopleptic fit! I don't think it is 
money that is their problem, really; I think it is mindset. 

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