cd rom drive can not open office cd rom

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cd rom drive can not open office cd rom

Postby dmlraW5nc3F1aWQ » Wed, 22 Aug 2007 14:42:00 GMT

I have a toshiba satellite 105 laptop computer that I bought in Decenber with 
windows XP and I was running office 2003 stuent and teacher edition on it, 
but after I installed the vista home premium upgrade as a full installation, 
I can not get the CD drive to read the CD rom.  I can not even see it with 
windows explorer.  I was forced to load up an old office 97 cd just to have 
word to use, but it is not what I want out of word.  Please help me find a 
way to get this DVD-Rom/ DVD-Ram drive to read this CD rom so I can use this 
software that I purchased to use on this laptop.


Re: cd rom drive can not open office cd rom

Postby DL » Thu, 23 Aug 2007 07:22:56 GMT

So the cd reads all other cd's excepting Office 2003?
If you did an upgrade of the o/s, and Office 2003 was installed prior to the 
upgrade, it should still be there.
Theres something you are not telling

Re: cd rom drive can not open office cd rom

Postby dmlraW5nc3F1aWQ » Thu, 23 Aug 2007 14:02:01 GMT

The software is not there, or it is not visible.  All other cd roms have 
loaded so far.  The only other problem I have encountered since I upgraded to 
vista is that my Sony DVR mini cam software will not function with vista, and 
Sony support has advised me that they will not make a fix for vista.  

I downloaded  a trial of office 2007 and it works fine, but I really don't 
want to pay microsoft for anothder version of office all over again when the 
trial period ends.

When I upgraded to vista, the instalation made my old XP OS a searchable 
directory, but nothing would launch from it.  Office 2003 was there and I 
saved all of the files from that directory to vista.  After all of my files 
were transferedto vista, I did delete that XP directory to free up space on 
my hard drive.  Perhaps when I did that, office 2003 was also deletd.  But I 
could nt launch Office 2003 from that directory, because nothing there was 


Re: cd rom drive can not open office cd rom

Postby DL » Thu, 23 Aug 2007 17:08:32 GMT

Not having done the upgrade process I'm commenting in the dark.
I find it a little odd that after an upgrade you have to reinstall your 

What exactly you copied from the winxp o/s folder might have some bearing.

If you currently have Office 2007 trial installed, you should not attempt to 
install Office2003

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