How can I track Sales Leads?

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How can I track Sales Leads?

Postby cGxheXdvcmtz » Wed, 06 Apr 2005 02:25:04 GMT

I would like to track sales leads through Outlook & excel...any suggestions 
regarding software would be appreciated.

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Date	Type	OrderStat	Sales	Qty	
20070117	Order		LM	2	
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20070117	Order		LM	1	
20070116	Cancel	Cancel	CM	1	
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Date	Sales	Order	OrderQty	Cancel	CancelQty
20070117	LM	2	3	0	0
20070117	CM	0	0	1	2
20070117	SG	1	10	0	0
20070116	CM	1	5	2	6
20070116	SG	1	4	0	0
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Thanks you in advance.					

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