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    I'm trying to get the Automated Safe Mode to fix and prompt me after I deleted the AutoCorrect List file (*.acl). Office will replace the file but it is supposedly suppose to check as I open an app (word, excel, etc.) and prompt me with options. Has anyone had any dealings with this? any suggestions? Thanks, Pete
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Word Taking Long Time to Open

Postby Keith » Thu, 12 May 2005 22:21:52 GMT

Just rolled out a new IT training suite at my work.

Brand new Dell PCs (3GHz), Office XP Pro.

Office applications work well - very fast.  EXCEPT Word.  Word takes about 1 
to 2 minutes to open.  Doesn't matter if other Office apps have been opened 
previously or not.  Also does it each time Word is opened.

Any ideas?

Computers are heavily locked down using GPOs, but no specific settings for 
Word are pushed out.

Computers use local profiles, with the exception of desktop and start menu 
which come from network location.


Re: Word Taking Long Time to Open

Postby Dian D. Chapman, MVP » Sat, 14 May 2005 02:43:46 GMT

See this article:


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