Some clipart have a square white border, how do I make it transpar

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    I've been having a picture issue in Outlook 2003 (NOT Outlook Express) that just started recently. I compose an E-Mail in outlook and it has a picture in it. I send the message. Now I go to look at the message in the "sent messages" folder and the picture isn't showing up; I get an empty white box with the red "X" in the upper left corner. But get this: If I click "Forward", THE PICTURE SHOWS UP IN THE MESSAGE I AM FORWARDING. So, clearly, the picture never left, it is simply not being displayed. ***I have all security image filtering turned off, so that is not the problem.*** [e.g. EVERYTHING under tools / options / security, "downloaded pictures" (which this is not) is unchecked.] Anyone have any idea what is going on, and how to get pictures to display?
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Some clipart have a square white border, how do I make it transpar

Postby R2VvcmdpZQ » Mon, 30 Aug 2004 01:19:11 GMT

I want to add some clipart to a Powerpoint presentation which has a coloured 
background but the clipart border shows up as a white square.  How do I make 
this white square surround transparent so that it doesn't show up on the 
coloured background.

Re: Some clipart have a square white border, how do I make it transpar

Postby Paul Ballou » Mon, 30 Aug 2004 01:41:52 GMT

The clipart needs to be in a format such as GIF,PNG...that support 

Paul Ballou
MVP Office

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