are windows xp home and xp office compatible?

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  • 1. How do I turn of VS and Office integration??
    I've been using Office 2003 for over a year with no problems (other than my lack of knowledge). I recently installed Visual Studio 2005 on the same machine, and now I have problems. I must have taken some default that wants to integrate Office and VS, because every time I start Word or Excel, I get a box saying "Preparing to install" followed by a Visual Studio box requesting my CD. I cancelled out of this the first couple of times. Then I got tired of it so I loaded the CD. The dang thing went through several "installing" messages for about 15 minutes, until I finally gave up and cancelled it. I still get the same messages every time I start an Office app. I can cancel out of them, but it's very annoying. Can anyone tell me of an option I can set or unset, in Office or Visual Studio, that will make it stop trying to do whatever it's trying to do? Thank you.
  • 2. I am unable to do a "Save As" in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Why?
    I am suddently unable to save a document in Word, Excel or PowerPoint by doing a "Save As". The application hourglasses and I must go into the Task Manager to end the program. How can I resolve this problem and save documents again.
  • 3. computer freezing up when "saving as"
    computer freezes when "saving as" or trying to open doc in word or excel with pull down menu, file - open - and then clicking on file -- freezes again. get not responding message. -- sg

are windows xp home and xp office compatible?

Postby VExJR0hUTklONTY » Tue, 31 May 2005 06:32:08 GMT

would welcome anyone's advice on this.

Re: are windows xp home and xp office compatible?

Postby Paul Ballou » Tue, 31 May 2005 06:46:36 GMT


Paul Ballou
MVP Office

Control the things you can and Don't Worry about the things you can't 

Re: are windows xp home and xp office compatible?

Postby Brian C » Tue, 31 May 2005 09:08:48 GMT

yup, but i choose 2003 instead.

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