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Office 2003 Student and Teacher installation limit

Postby ZG9ua2Vp » Thu, 26 Oct 2006 15:38:01 GMT

The programme comes with a licence to install it on 3 computers. It
is on my daughter's laptop (Windows XP Home), which she uses at
University and the home computer used by my younger daughter. The laptop has 
caused problems and the hard drive has been wiped twice.
After the first time, Office 2003 Student and Teacher was
re-installed on the laptop, ie its 3rd installation. After the second
event it will no longer install and the message 'source corrupt' is
being displayed. Is this because the software cannot physically be
installed more than 3 times? if so, what do I do, because I still
only want to use it on only 2 computers, which the licence says I am

Re: Office 2003 Student and Teacher installation limit

Postby DL » Thu, 26 Oct 2006 17:50:27 GMT

The licence is to install on 3 PC's not 3 installations. You can install as
often as you like, you just may have to use phone activation.
Assuming the cd is not damaged , clean with a soft cloth, it may be this


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