Computer takes long time when clicking on font attibutes

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Computer takes long time when clicking on font attibutes

Postby SuperCouilles » Thu, 29 Apr 2004 11:30:05 GMT


This occur when I load up Word, Excel or any other Office (2003) on a
P4-2.66/512Mb/WinXP :

When I click on the font size, or on the font, or if I click on BOLD, the
computer freeze for 10 secs - This does not occur if I click on ITALIC. Same
goes for PAGE SETUP - the computer will jam for at least 1/6 of a minute.

Anyway, after I did it once, the computer doesn't freeze anymore. If I quit
the application, load it up again, the computer freeze again... Until I
clicked once...

I installed all the fonts available with Office and some more (few Adobe

Any idea?

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