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Send-receive error XP-office

Postby Steven Foo » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 01:06:11 GMT

I am having problems download emails. I am using OFFICE 
XP 2002
Sending and receiving: Unknown error 0x8004060c
Any assistance would be appreciated

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1.Office XP Send/Receive Error

As I click the Send/Receive button a message says "The Operation Failed" with 
OK the only option.

Even when I go to Tools_Options, same thing happens when I click on 
Send/Receive button there.  I can send and receive from an individual account 
but not from Send/Receive All or F9.

Reboot did not help either.

I tried to repair, installed latest Service Packs and patches, but it still 

Any ideas?

2.MS Office Outlook 2003--send/receive error msg

The error message after hitting "send/receive":

"The operation failed.  An object could not be found."

If I send a test email to myself, the error box reads:

" Task '(my email address)-sending' reported error 
(0x8004010F):  'The operation failed. An object could not 
be found.'

I have deleted and added the entire Office program, 
formatted the hard drive, changed my email address, added 
firewall software, run virus scans, and nothing helps to 
change this error message.
I even tried to add a new account as the 
webpage suggested and even that didn't work.
When I "Test Account Settings"  everthing checks out fine.

Thank you in advance for any help.

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If you have been getting regular Send / Recieve error "can't connect to server" etc. in XP...and 
have been bashing your head against a wall tinkering with 
NAV and other possible fixes, try this simple solution...

add a period (dot) to the end of your mail server names 
in the account settings for each mail account you have. 
For example:


I read this on another forum, tried it, and I have not 
had an error message in the last 5-6 Send/Receive cycles 
(touch wood), when I was getting them each time prior to 
that.  This includes having e-mail scanning ON in NAV...

Try it and Good luck


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I have read many posts about this error.

I have updated to Service Pack 3, and also turned ALL Norton
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Why is this so... and how do I fix it?

I have heard that not even uninstalling and then reinstalling fixes it?


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