what is best to use as a live document to share among a workgr

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  • 1. Help in Excel 2003
    Hi, I was just designing a template for my office. I want my new template to provide borders at every new cell being typed in or pasted with a value. Similarly, all the content pasted should be of destination format, there should be no 'Paste Option' -- Kansy
  • 2. How do I use "dictation" in Microsoft Office Onenote 2003?
    I can't use the "dictation" feature on Microsoft Onenote even though I have done some of the voice reccognition wizards. The "command" feature works, but not that well. It works for a minute or so, but then it just stops working.
  • 3. can I make all my text boxes transparent?
    I seem to only be able to make text boxes in certain pictures transparent...partial fill look...otherwise it is colored. I need to be able to make all my text boxes transparent if possible.
  • 4. Am I allowed to put ms office xp on more than 1 home PC?
    Am I allowed to put ms office xp standart on more than 1 home PC? I just bought a new MS Office 2003-and prior to opening it up-I saw that I can put it on 3 noncommercial home PCs. Is it the same for MS Office XP standard?? thx

Re: what is best to use as a live document to share among a workgr

Postby UHJpbW9jaGVlc2VtYW4 » Sun, 16 Sep 2007 05:36:01 GMT

Thank you

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