opening an office 2007 word doc w office 2000

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    can anyone help. i am running win7 32 bit and am trying to log in to office live but every time i try all it does is crash the browser is this a problem with 7 or ie8 itself ??? any help would be nice thanks
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    I removed my version of office standard 2003 from my computer to save some space and to allow me to run the defragmenter. However during my attempt to reinstall the product the entered product key seems to indicate that the software is now only an update and requires a previously installed office version. I am positive that I bought a full version of that software package and not just an update. Any suggestions?
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    I did not receive a confirmation e-mail with my product key number when I downloaded the 60-day free trial of Microsoft Office 2007. How do I locate it?
  • 4. New activation problem with old activated installation
    I have been running Office 2003 S&T Edition for some time. It was activation properly when first installed. Recently I had problems with some update and at teh same time, I begain getting a dialogue box daily that says "This copy of Microsoft Office has not been activated". Given that I was having a few small problems, I did a full removal and re-install. That fixed the update issue but it still is saying it has not been activated. When I click help - activate product, I get a box saying this product is already activated. How can I get rid of this nuisance?

opening an office 2007 word doc w office 2000

Postby UGV0ZQ » Wed, 12 Dec 2007 03:20:03 GMT

I created a word doc w office 2007 (thru the trial version now expired) and 
wish to open the doc w office 2000...can't seem to do it...went to 
Microsoft's web and found the steps to do it but can't seem to follow thru 
all the steps listed...does not allow me to select a right-to-left language 
or complex script language to make the change...Help!

Re: opening an office 2007 word doc w office 2000

Postby LVTravel » Wed, 12 Dec 2007 06:01:51 GMT

Download and install the MS Office 2007 compatibility pack here: 
(Watch URL wrap) and note that you must have 2K SP 3 installed for this to 

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