Do you have a map software application

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  • 1. how do i move a picture from one folder to another?
    i want to organize the pictures in my folders. i'd like to have seperate folders containing certain kinds of pictures.
  • 2. deleting office?
    This is probably a stupid question. I want to clean up my computer and it appears in the add and remove programs box that I have both Office standard 2003, and Office Pro 2003. Can I delete the standard without messing up the Pro version, or do they work together?
  • 3. File already open problem
    We have had a peer to peer 2 computer network for years. Recently a young man came and installed Small Business Server 2003 on a brand new machine and we now log in to that domain. Everytime I go to open my files in my documents i.e. word, excel, etc I get a message that the File is already open by "name of my server" and I can't edit the document. The file is not open on the server - I have turned it off and back on again to clear it but still the same. If I create a new one they seem to be staying OK - it's just my files that were already on my hard drive when he installed the server. HELP!!!!
  • 4. Flashing square in Power Point Video
    I've been testing out the trial versions of both Office 2003 & 2007 to determine which one to eventually purchase. One thing I have noticed is a problem with inserting video into Power Point. In both versions I noticed that there's a square that periodically flashes in the bottom right hand corner of the video clip which is very anoying. I've tried different video clips and this happens with each one. How do I get rid of this flashing square? I'm hoping that someone has an answer to this problem before I purchase any of these products. Thanks

Do you have a map software application

Postby UlNpbXBzb24 » Fri, 24 Sep 2004 01:41:03 GMT

Do you have a map software application

Re: Do you have a map software application

Postby Paul Ballou » Fri, 24 Sep 2004 02:44:13 GMT

Paul Ballou
MVP Office

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Re: Do you have a map software application

Postby bxb7668 » Fri, 24 Sep 2004 04:11:17 GMT

A less expensive product for home use is Microsoft Streets and Trips.
A competing product is Street Atlas USA by Delorme.


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