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  • 1. Changing Number format
    I have a document that I've saved into Excel.. the format for the phone number field is ###-###-####.. I want to take out the dashes.. the format for the phone number column is in Text format but if I need to convert it to numbers to fix this it's an easy fix.. but I want the numbers to appear as ##########.. Can somebody help me with this Thanks -- Randy
  • 2. Groove Meeting Attendees
    We would like to take advantage of Groove's meeting feature for all of our meetings instead of having some meetings recorded in Groove and others somewhere else.. The problem is that our Grooove group often has meetings with non-members such as customers, vendors etc. What we need to do is 1) include non-members as attendees and 2) be able to email the meeting minutes to those non-members. How can I add them as attendees in the Groove meeting tool and is there a way to email the minutes and action list to non-members?
  • 3. I can't get active x, to dload, I need it to dload some templates
    I am trying to dload some templates from the Office website. It says that I must install active X in order to dload the templates. I've tried the suggestion of going into tools, security, then typing in for it to allow all MS office dloads, then clicked OK no avail. It still wouldn't dload the active x , that I need. Please help! Thanks, XXXX@XXXXX.COM Bonney
  • 4. Microsoft Office Word 2003 Student Edition
    I am editing a document and each thing I edit is made into changes for the entire document. If I resize the font...the whole document follows suit. How do I stop this? Help and thanks in advance!
  • 5. Email merge
    OS XP+SP2 Office pro XP (2002) Word Email merge uses ms Outlook. Is there any way of forcing it to use OE such as changing attribution in File Types. I know I can import them to OE afterwards but its irritating. Grateful for any advice even if it is no. Graham

RE: office live document gallery

Postby Q2hyaXMgU2NoYXR0ZQ » Thu, 18 Jan 2007 08:57:01 GMT

You may want to repost this q here:
Please post your OL version (beta or not). You could also include your site 

Chris Schatte
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Re: office live document gallery

Postby Bob Buckland ?:-) » Sat, 20 Jan 2007 01:17:15 GMT


The MS OfficeLive folks have decided to work through their own,  separate discussion groups that Chris provided a link for from


Another computer answered question, great!

I'm looking for solutions not more places research.

Quit wasting peoples time with responses that require no thinking on your
part !!! >>

Bob  Buckland  ?:-)
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