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Genius office assistant in Office 2003

Postby dmF2eQ » Thu, 20 Jan 2005 02:15:01 GMT

The genius (Einstein) office assistant has been left out of Office 2003. Is 
there a way to import it, and if so, how?

Re: Genius office assistant in Office 2003

Postby Miss Perspicacia Tick » Thu, 20 Jan 2005 10:26:46 GMT

No, there is not.
Facon - the artificial bacon bits you get in Pizza Hut for sprinkling
on salads. 

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Since I searched and couldn find any way to add another assistant back into office XP (only found help with Office 97), I decided to trick the existing office XP version by renaming one of the existing office assistants and replacing it with the genius office assistant.  It worked

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		or if you still have 1 old office 2000 application:  C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office

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		Rename existing F1 assistant files to (F1-old.ACG, and F1-old.ACS)
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