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lost registration keys for my Office CD's

Postby YWxhbmI » Thu, 05 Oct 2006 08:36:02 GMT

Help---I have a laptop that got hit by a {*filter*} trojan and it required a trip 
to the repair shop to re-format the hard drive.  I have my Office XP CD's 
that I used to install the program originally but I do not have the 
registration keys to install the program.  The program was registered with 
Microsoft when installed.  How do I get reg keys to re-install the program?

Re: lost registration keys for my Office CD's

Postby JoAnn Paules [MVP] » Thu, 05 Oct 2006 08:51:03 GMT

If Office came with your computer, you must call the computer manufacturer. 
And I'll be honest with you, I don't think they will help you. Microsoft 
will *not* help you.

If you purchased it separately, 
 http://www.**--****.com/ ;en-us;823570

Just in case you have an OEM and start thinking you'll fib to Microsoft, the 
product keys for a retail version will not work with an OEM disk. I'm not 
saying that you would do that, but there are people who would have no 
problems doing so.


JoAnn Paules
MVP Microsoft [Publisher]

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