office XP slow on Save and open HELP HELP HELP

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    My computer crashed all my saved doc and excel files are in wordpad and must be accessed through "open with". After opening and saving again as a doc or excel file they again revert back to wordpad. How can I change this to when saving a doc or excel file they stay in doc or excel so I can skip the "open with" step?? Please answer quickly, use this for end of the month billing?????
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    Help an author out here. All day long, I type and type and type and there is no more purring, meowing, scratching or sleeping. The little guy often reminded me to get up every now and again. Bring the assistant back! You can take my operating ssystem, but you cannot take my feline (Ok, so maybe Braveheart was a little over the top)
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    I have using Outlook Tasks for years to handle my daily work jobs. Recently learnt some great techniques for prioritising tasks on an importance and time scale. Outlook is letting me down with its simply high/low rating system. I have just installed Project 2007 hoping it can help me, but I am unsure it is the right application or where to start. Can anyone give me some advice, if Project is the right program for me to use to handle my daily jobs, and where to start with it? One of my biggest problems is I often don know how long a task will take to complete until I start it. Any suggestions will be gratefully received. Thanks Steve

office XP slow on Save and open HELP HELP HELP

Postby Carole3 » Wed, 01 Oct 2003 09:40:54 GMT

Office XP -  when open or Save-as the directory list
hangs and frees up after 10+ seconds, randomly displays
"(not responding)" message. It happens on every directory
level consistently. Also happens when attaching in
Outlook 2002. I have run repair several times.
It is ONLY a problem with Excel, Word and Outlook (office XP)
drilling down the directories to open a file. Each click
on a directory folder take 10+ seconds to respond. All
other apps don't have the delay. Also this is only on ONE
WinXP PC, all other PC's with the same config don't have
the problem. Oh, and this is a newly built WinXP disk,
and new office XP installation in a box with a new
mobo....Thanks for your help. Carole...

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