How well does Office 97 Pro update to Office 2003 Pro on an XP

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  • 1. showing the vertical ruler
    Try Tools, Options, View, Vertical Ruler. Dawn Good wrote: > I'm not sure what I had done but one day my ruler wasn't > showing any more. I was wondering how do I get this to > show all the time like it was before. I have gone to the > option & on the veiw tab I have it checked to show in > print preview but it only shows when I move my mouse up > to the top. What do I have to do to get it to show all > the time again? >
  • 2. Mail Merge within Publisher
    I've created a mail merge publication within Publisher, but when the addresses are printing, they are printing with the spaces used behind fields that are blank. (Such as if there is no middle initial, it won't print that field, however, it is printing the space behind that field as if the field printed.) Also, I'm also getting 0's in some of the blank fields. How do I get rid of the spaces and the 0's? thanks
  • 3. Acrobat Adobe and Task Pane
    Installation of Acrobat Adobe causes the startup task pane in Office XP to close automatically about 1 second after opening. There is a way to correct this problem, but I can't find the fix anymore. Does anyone know what the fix is or where it can be found? Thanks
  • 4. Macro security settings
    I know there is a way to set macro security settings in the registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE that overides the individual user settings. I saw a MSKB article on it but cant seem to locate it now. It included inserting a security key under \office\version #\security and setting a value to 1= Low, 2=Medium, 3= High Can anyone recall the article or recall the proper info I need to overide macro security settings in the Office suite?
  • 5. microsoft office download controll
    Does anyone know a link to a msi file of the office download control? All my users only have user privileges and want to go to the office template gallery..but it wont let them dl the control. The only option I can find is to install it via GPO. I have noticed it is now part of office 2003 installs but we are not going to office 2003 thanks

Re: How well does Office 97 Pro update to Office 2003 Pro on an XP

Postby QW5uVA » Tue, 24 Oct 2006 02:05:02 GMT

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