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Flashing hourglass mouse pointer

Postby GoFlatty » Fri, 27 Jul 2007 16:40:17 GMT

I have just today installed Office Professional 2007. If I open any of
my existing Word files the mouse cursor flashes continuously and
quickly with the hour-glass icon. This doesn't happen with any new
file I create. Is it trying to tell me something? I have searched this
site and found a similar question back on Feb. 15, 2002 - but the
writer received no replies. Either he discovered the cause or gave up.
Is it something that will eventually disappear if the file is saved
enough times with the new Word?

Excuse my ignorance if this is a really basic question.

GoFlatty (Geelong, Australia)

Re: Flashing hourglass mouse pointer

Postby jackpking » Sat, 01 Sep 2007 22:20:34 GMT

I have the same problem but it has progressed to any document that i use
while working on Word 2007.  

Any pointers would be great.

(Florida, USA)

Re: Flashing hourglass mouse pointer

Postby chmillerQp » Wed, 12 Sep 2007 21:55:05 GMT

I'm having this same problem! And it is making it hard to click on
anything - the pointer keeps moving! Can anyone help out here?

Re: Flashing hourglass mouse pointer

Postby GoFlatty » Sun, 14 Oct 2007 15:15:14 GMT

On Sep 11, 10:55 pm, chmillerQp < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >

Hi, following my querie back in July/August - with no replies I did a
more extensive search of the net and noticed a comment by someone
(goodness knows where it was, it was so far back) who linked it to a
HP product and suggested a rather convoluted remedy. Rather than try
it, I contacted HP Australia by phone. I got on to someone who was
able to help me. They took me through a process (15 minutes) which
solved the problem. I haven't had it since.... But, I'm sorry I can't
help with the specifics... I'll check through my notes and see if I
can find anything that may be of help.

GoFlatty (Australia)

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4.Change mouse pointer to hourglass, then back

MousePointer is a property of the command button, not of the window or
of the application. That means you *must* qualify it by prefixing it
with 'CommandButton1.' or whatever the name of the button is:

 CommandButton1.MousePointer = fmMousePointerHourGlass
     lots of time-consuming code
 CommandButton1.MousePointer = fmMousePointerDefault

Also, you'll see the hourglass cursor only when the mouse pointer is
positioned on the button, not anywhere else in the form.

On Wed, 21 Apr 2010 08:57:01 -0700, Lloyd Catlett
< XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote:

>I select a commandbox on a form that starts a sub with some time-consuming 
>loops; I want to change the mouse pointer to hourglass.
>I've tried this:
>MousePointer = fmMousePointerHourGlass
>    lots of time-consuming code
>MousePointer = fmMousePointerDefault
>No change in the pointer.
>Word 2003, XP
>Any suggestions??

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outlook and NO other programs.  Like I said it is new and have only installed 
Kaspersky and Mozilla on it so far.  I did import a backup of my outlook file 
from my previous computer (Was running Outlook 2003 on that one).

 If someone could help it would be greatly appreciated before I have a 
seizure from the flashing.

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