Cannot share an Access 2003 mdb file

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Cannot share an Access 2003 mdb file

Postby bWljaGFsaXM » Sat, 14 Jan 2006 19:52:02 GMT

I have created an access mdb file and saved it in a shared folder in a 
server. I had configured the permissions so that many users could access the 
data simultaniously from their desktops. A new administrator changed the 
permissions and now only one user can access the database at a time. When a 
second user tries, he receives a message that the file is already in use. I 
can not find the right combination of permissions and i don't know if there 
is another problem. Any suggestions.  

Re: Cannot share an Access 2003 mdb file

Postby George Nicholson » Sun, 15 Jan 2006 06:44:18 GMT

Have you split this application? It doesn't sound like it.

Multiple users sharing a single Access .mdb file is a *very* bad idea unless 
you have split the application into FE (FrontEnd) and BE (BackEnd) 
components. While Access does support multiple users, it also requires 
splitting if you want to avoid data corruption (i.e., splitting = using 
Access properly and as designed). Your New Administrator may have just done 
you a *very* big favour by limiting usage to one person at a time.

A BE file would include all data tables and resides on a shared server. Each 
user should have their own local (i.e., C drive) copy of the FE file, which 
includes all Forms, Reports, Queries, code modules and linked tables that 
reference the shared backend. Users open their individual FE file and are 
then able to safely view, add, edit the data that resides in the shared BE.

George Nicholson

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2.Error on starting: Excel cannot open Access MDB files directly

On Thu, 17 Jul 2003 08:29:11 -0700, "scott sampson"
< XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote:

>This error messsage occurs on starting Excel 2000: "Excel 
>cannot open Access MDB files directly". I have created 
>some queries in Excel to get external data from from a 
>database. But those queries shouldn't run when Excel 

Find a folder called xlStart. (The path to the folder will vary; just
use Find or Search (depending on your version of Windows) from your
Start menu to locate it.) Files in that folder are automatically
loaded when Excel starts, and if you've accidentally stored an Access
database file (an .mdb) in there Excel will try to load it resulting
in the error that you describe. Just move the database file out of
there. (If you don't find it in the xlstart folder, also look in
Excel's Tools -> Options menu item, and check any folder which is
designated as an "Alternate startup location"; the .mdb file could be
in there.)

However in Excel 200*2*, doing that will result in something funky;
Excel will ask you to select a table from the database and it will
automatically create an external data link for you. (That's just
by-the-by, since you don't HAVE 2002... I just thought it was kinda

Hank Scorpio
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3.cannot open Excel(*.xls) or Access(*.mdb) files in XPE, but OK in

Hello, everyone,

I have a problem in xpe need help. (maybe two).

I developed a win32 program with VC and MFC, in the application, I used 
CDatabase of MFC to open a Excel file (myfile.xls ) to read my prepreserved 
data, In the same application, I also used ADO (ActiveX Database Object) to 
open a Microsoft Access file (myfile2.mdb).

In My windows xp pro, my application runs just fine.  There is No Microsoft 
Office installed, my application do  open and read/write correct data from/to 
the Excel and Access files

Now when I move the application into XPE (xp embedded) platform, there are 
The application shown errors when I€try to open and read/write Excel.

I imported the following component into xpe already:

Microsoft Data Access Componet DAC
Jet Database ODBC support  

Still, when trying to open the excel file (myfile.xls)
It said:

Could not find installable ISAM
Invalid connection string attribute FIRSTROWHASNAMES
Invalid connection string attribute CREATE_DB.

I checked, in my source code, my DSN related Excel is:

m_sDsn.Format("DRIVER={%s};DSN='';FIRSTROWHASNAMES=1;READONLY=FALSE;CREATE_DB=\"%s\";DBQ=%s", m_sExcelDriver, m_sFile, m_sFile);

As for trying to open the Access fileyfile2.mdb

My code:
_ConnectionPtr	m_pConnection;
	catch(_com_error e)
		CString str;
		str.Format("Error Message is %s",e.ErrorMessage());
		return FALSE;

I get error message:

Unknown Error 0x800A0E7A

But in XP pro, my whole application is just ok,,

Please tell me, what components I should import further.

I don believe I have to install Microsoft office or there is license 
problem, because on the xp pro platform, I did not install Microsoft office, 
it OK..

I don't know how to run FileMon in xpe as many poster mentioned,since my xpe 
system has no startup, no start screen alltogether, besides, i think Excel 
and Access files should be common files. the related component should be 
quite easy to locate, but I just don't know how. please help me.

Thank you very much!


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The problem is I'm unable to access any table by both versions of
Access in the same time!

Here are the steps to replicate the problem

1- Open one Access 2.0 front-end mdb, then open the attached table T1
2- Open another Access 2003 front-end mdb, try to open the same
attached table, you will get the error "Could not use .mdb; file
already in use."
3- I can only open the table from Access 2.0 front-end.

It seems Access 2.0 locks the table against 2003 version only.

I'm trying to find a patch/service pack, workaround.
Your feed back is greatly appreciated.


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