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Outlook Live Local Map plugin

Postby UGFzaQ » Fri, 05 Oct 2007 21:40:01 GMT

Aargh... I have finnish version of OL 2007. When ou when... I have a finnish 
plugin version? I do not need finnish language plugin, only that I could 
install it for finnish Outlook.

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I am having a problem with the Outlook Live Local component for mapping.

The integration looks good and in theory should provide a very usefull 
service, however I am getting very frustrated by its apparent inability to 
produce accurate results when searching for a location when it has been 
given VERY accurate address data to search by.

Example  (Random location taken from the phone book and address checked with 
various services.)
Marken close,  Locksheath, Southampton. UK SO31 6GG is an accurate address 
and when searched for  directly  in local.live.com produces a 
'nearest-match' result that is useable if not absoloutly accurate, however, 
use EXACTLY the same address in the 'live local' plugin for Outlook and it 
returns 10 locations in the US and one in the Netherlands even with the 
string "UK" in the address.
Anyone got any ideas as to where this difference occurs? Are the two systems 
using different databases or is it a forms issue?


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This is a last ditch effort to retain a plugin that I really like but is just 
too unstable, at least on my PC!
I first installed this (v3.0) about two years ago but after realising I 
didn't want the IE toolbar, etc. that came with it, ended up uninstalling 
everything and doing a clean reinstall of just the plugin. However, from that 
point on, the first problem appeared - the pushpin icon has never displayed 
in any Outlook appointment map again! Anyway, struggling on, over the last 
couple of years, I have constantly had to uninstall and reinstall this thing, 
because after a couple of months a debugging error message would appear that 
I could not get rid of (I don't know enough to do the debugging) w/o just 
uninstalling the whole thing and starting again! A couple of months ago, I 
finally just gave up on it for good and dumped the thing, but perhaps someone 
here can provide the answer! I use XP with SP2 and Office 2003.
There is one possibly related issue that I should mention, and that's with 
IE (I still use v6): I cannot use the Live Search website! It will completely 
freeze up, quite often right after the map first appears after my entering a 
location! I also have Win 2000 on a separate partition, also using IE6, and 
the same thing happens there too!
I checked with a friend who also still uses IE6, and he has no problems with 
the website. Two plugins that might be suspect are McAfee SiteAdvisor and X3 
Watch. Could the two issues be related?

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