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Can't edit pictures in picture manager

Postby aGNyb3NtdW4 » Sun, 16 Oct 2005 23:40:02 GMT

I can get the edit tool bar, but all of the task bars "recenter" when I drop 
them.  I can resize but it springs back.  Any idea why it's locked- my IT guy 
gave up.

RE: Can't edit pictures in picture manager

Postby aGNyb3NtdW4 » Mon, 17 Oct 2005 00:11:03 GMT

OK folks, apparently I am not the only one that has this problem.  I can edit 
if I have local admin rights, but ONLY if I have local admin rights.  When I 
first got this company laptop, I could edit the pictures.  Now it wonlt let 
me edit at all - gives me the controls, but they spring back to center when 
used.  I have power user rights and my computer name is not the same as my 
user name.  How do we get Microsoft to acknowledge this BUG and give us a 
FIX?  You should not need admin rights to edit pictures stored on the hard 
drive of the machine!!!!

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Well who would have known that to be an issue above all else!.... Certainly 
a goofup there, any way to fix that in a later SP or something?  

I had tested this on a pc of one of our users, and of course computer name + 
computer user = no Picture Manger, then changed the computer and BAM it works 
like it should.

now i'll have to change a couple more and actually get them to use it.  More 

Thanks for letting us know! and hope others can get around this strange issue.

"CB" wrote:

> I spent about 2 weeks working with Microsoft on this problem at our company 
> and we discovered when a computer name is the same as the username logging in 
> the user cannot edit pictures.  We changed the name of the computer and the 
> user logged in and was able to rotate, resize, etc and save the files.
> Try that and see if it works for you!
> "David P." wrote:
> > cannot edit pictures in picture manager without local admin rights....
> > 
> > is there any way around this?
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > David P.
> > 

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