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  • 1. Microsoft Office 2000 SR-1 Professional
    Data1.msi is the main setup file on each Office 2000 product CD (different contents, same name for each product CD). When you're receiving that message the dialog box should also tell you what CD it's looking for in the 'use feature from' part of the dialog. You'll usually see this if the MS Installer has detected a problem with your installation of Office. =============== <<"Sidcupladies" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ... I find I cannot open Mircosoft Word,although I have been able to in the past. I get a message which says it can't find DATA1.msi. I can open Excel, Access and Publisher OK. Can anyone help me get Word back? >> -- Bob Buckland ?:-) MS Office System Products MVP *Courtesy is not expensive and can pay big dividends*
  • 2. Can't stop office from connecting to the internet
    Hi, I'm having trouble with office 2003. I work with a lot of excel documents, and everytime I open an excel document, excel connects to the internet. This causes it to take up to two minutes to open the documents. The same thing happens everytime I print a document or when I copy a graph to paste it into a word document for example. When i'm disconnected all three these tasks are as fast as they should be, with the same documents. I have already turned off all online content and all shared workspace options and it still does this. I'm out off ideas does anybody know how to stop office from connecting to the internet when opening a document, printing and cutting and pasting?
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    my autocorrect changes per to "Carpal tunnel syndrome". Can't find the entry. Any idea where to look for it that i can get rid of it.
  • 4. Suddenly, "save as" takes many seconds for save dialogue to appear
    When I try to use "save as" it takes up to 30 seconds for the save dialogue to appear. This also happens in excel, notepad, and photoshop. Any ideas on what is wrong? My hard drive is not full. Thanks...
  • 5. Upgrade Installation Question
    I plan to upgrade to Office 2007 Professional from Office 2000 Premium when I buy a new machine with Vista. Do I need to install Office 2000 first before the upgrade or can I just stick the Office 2000 CD in the drive at some point? Won't that interrupt the installation routine? Thanks for any help Greg Hallam

Is MS Office 97 compatible with XP Home Edition

Postby VGVycnk » Tue, 19 Jul 2005 07:50:01 GMT

I would like to know if Microsoft Office 97 (excel, power point, etc) is 
compatible with Windows XP Home Edition


Re: Is MS Office 97 compatible with XP Home Edition

Postby garfield-n-odie » Tue, 19 Jul 2005 08:04:42 GMT

Have you tried?  Yes, Office 97 will run under Windows XP.  If 
you run into an installation hiccup (I can think of three common 
ones), search this forum for the usual solution or post a 
question about your particular problem.

Re: Is MS Office 97 compatible with XP Home Edition

Postby David R. Norton MVP » Tue, 19 Jul 2005 08:43:20 GMT

"Terry" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in:

Yes.  If you have Service Pack 2 on your computer you might have problems 
installing it, if so you'll find fixes, workarounds, etc. by searching 
earlier posts in this newsgroup or

David R. Norton MVP 

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