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RE: Stop "enter network password" box coming up every 30 sec MO 20

Postby VVMgR3JhbnQ » Fri, 14 Oct 2005 02:04:02 GMT

I do have XP Home Operating System for my computer but I also had a laptop 
attached to my computer router using a wireless modem and it had another 
email address but under the same account as my regular computer.

The Enter Network Password dialog box is still coming up every minute or so 
despite talking to my DSL Provider (SWBELL) as well as having the 
configuration checked on my Linksys router.   Now both of them say the 
problem is with Microsoft.

Tell me what to do to stop this from coming up.  It will not let me work.


RE: Stop "enter network password" box coming up every 30 sec MO 20

Postby SnVzdG1l » Fri, 14 Oct 2005 23:45:09 GMT

If it is the email program asking for the password, then you should check to 
see if the email program is set to remember the password when it checks for 
mail...You might also tell it to check the mail less often if the password is 
remembered and you can't get it to stop asking.

If it is a network password, then what network resource is it trying to 
connect to? If it is the router or the internet service, then it will have to 
be in the router configuration or if it is the internet service, then I would 
think the router should have a place where it has a user ID and password to 
connect to SWBell.

If it is trying to map a network drive or access some other computer in you 
home network that is another problem. Make sure there isn't a mapped drive 
that isn't available anymore. (Right click and "Disconnect" the drive)


RE: Stop "enter network password" box coming up every 30 sec MO 20

Postby VVMgR3JhbnQ » Sat, 15 Oct 2005 03:05:03 GMT

an you take me through it step by step? Give me the first step to take.
Also give me all the "points and clicks" I will do it step by step. If
the first thing doesnt work give me the second. I am at about a 15%
understanding of Microsolf Office let alone understanding router settings.



"Justme" wrote:

RE: Stop "enter network password" box coming up every 30 sec MO 20

Postby SnVzdG1l » Sun, 16 Oct 2005 03:32:03 GMT

'm sorry, I don't think I can be that specific. My Outlook 2003 is
connecting to our own Exchange Server, and I think it will be different for a
pop email account with your email provider. But, you said early on that it
was asking when it did a send and recieve for email, right? Then it will be
under the Tools drop down menu and then click the "Accounts" item. In there
you will want to view or edit the existing account. Look through the settings
for both the log on name and password. Make sure it is set to remember the
password. Then, look for anywhere it may say something about how often to
check the email, you can maybe at least make it happen less often there.

There are some other settings you might check under the Tools menu and then
click "options". You can browse around the menus both of these places to find
these settings. If you don't understand some setting, then don't change it.
You can always hit the cancel button if you are unsure of anything you have
done in these menus.

I would just about have to be at your computer to be more specific, sorry. I
hpe this can help.


"US Grant" wrote:

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