Need document from trial version before I receive new software

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  • 1. shortcut toolbar display
  • 2. MS Office WORD Standard Edtion 2003
    I have lost the ability to get a normal blank page when starting a new document. Instead, I get a new document with Three columns. I was told to search for "" and clear out the contents. Unable to find "" even after unchecking "showing hidden files." When searching I get 25 normals for many things, but never for MS word and never with a "dot." Can not there be a easier way? I have the standard editon and it was upgraded from the trial editon so it would not expire. I would like to uninstall all of Word and start over, but I am concerned that beacuse I have only an "upgrade" edition I would loose it all. Can you help? Thaks, jim -- nothing
  • 3. Why MS Office 2007 is slow on my computer?
    I have a Pentium 4, 2.8 GHz with Hyper Thread Technology and 1 GB of PC 2700 MB/s DDR RAM but MS Office 2007, especially Outlook and Word, runs very slowly on my computer. I think my computer specifications meets the minimum requirement quite well. Why is it so slow?
  • 4. How do I create a new Template tab in the dialog box?
    I want to add a tab to the office template dialog display where in I can house custom templates regardless of type for my work. In past I've been able to accomplish this by adding a folder to the apporpriate templates folder under application datta but dont seem to be able to accomplish this in Small Business 2003
  • 5. Email from Excel 2007
    Am I missing something or can you no longer email a sheet or selection directly from Excel? I can only find the "Send workbook as attachment" option.

Re: Need document from trial version before I receive new software

Postby TGluZGFMTA » Wed, 10 May 2006 23:45:01 GMT

OK -- thanks, JoAnn!

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