can i install my purchased office suite (2007) on both my PCs

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    This tool is causing me great frustration - help, please!!! I have Word 2002 SP3 on my computer. It came as part of a legitimately purchased OEM version of Works Suite 2005 and has been correctly activated with Microsoft. It has updated occasionally via Office Update but now the validation tool has also appeared on my PC and keeps telling me that I cannot get any more updates because validation has failed due to activation being supposedly incomplete. Yet when I launch Word and check, it confirms that it has already been activated. Would be grateful for any advice please as to how to convince the validation tool to stop failing me when I check for Word updates. -- Thanks Sim
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Re: can i install my purchased office suite (2007) on both my PCs

Postby Um9nZXI » Tue, 07 Apr 2009 08:23:01 GMT

Gordon and others.

File which I have been using since 1997 under Office 97 and Office 2003 with 
no problems to speak of.
The file is 5,343kb in Excel 03 but only  1,099k in Excel 07 in both xlsm 
and xlsx format. I have no idea why the file size is different.

It has one chart and two relatively simple Macros, 8 worksheets with 
numerous cells referencing cells in a different worksheet.
Current performance of Excel 2007 under WinXP 2GB Ram 1.8Ghz cpu
 vs Excel 2003 under Vista 2GB ram 1.8 Ghz cpu

 In both test cases I had the file on my desktop and no other programs were 
 Open the file by dble click Excel 07 22 sec 
Excel 03 11 sec including click on warning to enable macros

 Change the value of a single empty cell to a new numeric value.
Excel 03 <1 sec
 Excel 07 Gave up after two minutes. Attempted to close Excell which caused 
crash of program.
I have been in direct contact with a person from MS who only suggested I 
remove a number of symbols that had been added to one worksheet due to copy & 
paste from a web site chart. His suggestion made no performance improvement. 
I have not been able to get any help or support from MS and am not going to 
pay them $50 bucks and spend hours fixing their program.

I ran this test on two different machines as I was getting tired of spending 
the hour as I repeatadly attempted to uninstall and clense the registry as I 
switch back and forth between the two versions of Excell.

Bottom line Excell 2007 appears not to be out of Beta. 
I have uninstalled 2007 and gone back to Office 2003 which actually runs.

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