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    On one PC I've a problem when printing - if a different printer to the default is selected from the drop down list in printer properties, there is a delay of around 20 seconds before the next printer name appears . I've tried reinstalling the printer drivers and running a repair on Office 2003, but neither makes any difference. Printing from a different program, say Acrobat reader, and the printer can be selected instantly, but not in Office. This happens for any user on this machine. Any ideas?
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    Where can I still find a DOC or link that shows the comparisons between the two versions? Thanks....
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    I am running on a laptop with Vista op System. I am currently running with office 2007 Standard edition. I purchased the Office 2007 Professional Version and downloaded it then installed it. When i went to open a program "WORD/Excel" It comes up with a error box. The error box has a title of "BCM Office Addin" in the upper left border. Then the error message is "Office Application Version does not match" To me this says that my download is wrong or something. I can't tell if I am still running Standard Edition or the Professional Edition? Any insight to this problem would help. I was able to download and everything was fine on my Home CPU running Windows XP. GUNNZ

restore problem accounting express 2009

Postby TTBOREU » Wed, 12 Aug 2009 15:28:01 GMT

I have been working on a set of club accounts for 6 months did backups.  Had 
to rebuild my machine now get erro trying to restore accounts.  Message is 
:\users\Nigel\appdata\local\temp\4qplraop.4lc is incorrectly formed sql 
server cannot process this media family.  restore headeronly is terminating 
How do i avoid inoutting 6 months data all over again?

Re: restore problem accounting express 2009

Postby DL » Wed, 12 Aug 2009 19:01:06 GMT

First ensure Win & MS Apps are updated (Run MS Update)
If that doesnt do it post to the accounting specific group
microsoft.public.sba.general or

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