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items from clipboard don't paste into my Office 2003 program

Postby Rm9ya3MgV0E » Sat, 27 Feb 2010 16:53:01 GMT

I can get items to copy into the clipboard.  But then I often cannot get 
those items to paste into an Office 2003 program ... Access, Outlook, Word 
... until I reboot.  This happens about twice a week.  I do a LOT of cut and 
paste in my work so I really use the clipboard feature.

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All button was grayed out. It becomes active only if and when I keep the 
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the clipboard are not pasted into an E-mail, when I click the Paste All 
button. It pastes just the last item I copied. It worked in other 
applications like Word and Excel.

Is this how it is supposed to work in Outlook or is it some kind of glitch? 
Can someone suggest a solution?

2.Office 2003 Clipboard - Item Not Collected: Delete Items...

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2003 were installed about a month ago and the Office Clipboard worked fine.  
IT just installed Access 2003 this morning.  Now the Office Clipboard won't 
copy new items.  When I try to copy an item I get the message "Item Not 
Collected: Delete Items to Increase Available Space".  However, there are no 
items on the clipboard.  Thus far warm rebooting hasn't fixed the problem.

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line chunk of text into the textbox and push the button to parse the
text into a listbox.

I us the following code:


Dim sTmp As String, iPos1 As Integer, iPos2 As Integer

sTmp = UserForm1.TextBox476.Text
iPos1 = 1
iPos2 = InStr(sTmp, vbCrLf)
Do While iPos2
UserForm1.ListBox3.AddItem Mid$(sTmp, iPos1, iPos2 - iPos1)
iPos1 = iPos2 + 1
iPos2 = InStr(iPos1, sTmp, vbCrLf)

The first time the form runs, it seems to work fine. Subsequent
loadings of the form result in Out of Memory errors that persist until
I quit an restart Outlook 2007.

Any ideas? Can the textbox hold all the clipboard characters?

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Where might these pasted to clipboard calendar 'items' reside? Do they have 
extensions or other attributes with which we can search?

This 300 items represent about five days of billable calendar entries.... so 
any help is most appreciated.

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