Why is there advertisement's in the 2009 office accounting express

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    Hi I'm a student and have a Student version of Microsoft Office Enterprise(special offer for students). My friend does not have Office and I was wondering, if I could lend him my disc. I don't know whether the version is multiple user or not but I think it is only one license. If my friend installs it on his PC and uninstalls it after he's finished using it, can I still install it on a new system afterwards(i have not used the disc yet)? Or will Microsoft record the identification of his PC and assign the license to his and only his PC, rendering it useless in future?
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    Any plans to release an update to Office Live Add-in for Office 2010 to open and save documents to Office Live Workspaces?
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    When I save a microsoft office word 2003 letter, it is being saved as an *.xps file. Why is this happening. It never happened before. When I go to print it, it comes up as an *.xps file instead of under the name I saved it. How do I correct this problem

Why is there advertisement's in the 2009 office accounting express

Postby UkFNIENPTlNUUlVDVElPTg » Thu, 15 Jan 2009 22:42:18 GMT

Re: Why is there advertisement's in the 2009 office accounting express

Postby DL » Fri, 16 Jan 2009 00:17:41 GMT

because its free - and nothing is free


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