Everytime Office 2003 starts Windows Installer pops up

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  • 1. after a format in my hard disc my office product key can not be .
    after a format in my hard disc due to a boot problem in my pc my office product key is regognized as used.But i know that the user was me.How can i solve the problem?at the moment i use the free 2 months trial version,but i do not want spend money after expiration buying a new office product key .please help...
  • 2. Totally Lost with MSP files
    I have a Office 2007 Pro Plus install. I have created a MSP that will enter the product key, company name, and removes InfoPath, Publisher, and Access. When I run that MSP everything runs and installs fine. Now I want to create a custom MSP that will install Access. So it will alter the original setup and install Access. I opened my original MSP and then added Access to my program. I then save this as a different MSP name. When I run it (by Double-clicking on it) the setup runs for a while then I get some dialog box that has a header of Microsoft Office <program? MUI (English) 2007 and the information in the dialog box is nothing but little squares almost like there is japanese charachters. I do not have any support turned on for Japanese fonts. The <program? states different things. Infopath, shared, Publisher..etc. When it finished Access is not installed.. First questions is why the MUI dialog boxes? Second how do I alter a setup to add programs to the mix? Any resources other than the Technet quide..i read that and I am still lost.
  • 3. Install
    Can you install microsoft office 97 using windows 98.
  • 4. Installing MS Office in Windows 7
    I am trying to install MS Office 2007 Home and Student under Windows 7. The install stops halfway with error message 1901 and wording can't read file c:\windows\installer\8d015.msp Any ideas please
  • 5. Can you help.... I got the same problem
    I cant install office enterprise ..I need the 3 files you mention in your post, can you e-mail the pasword to acces the files and download them....that would be great, my e-mail is XXXX@XXXXX.COM or XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...thanx

Everytime Office 2003 starts Windows Installer pops up

Postby pputzback » Wed, 16 Feb 2005 02:59:53 GMT

This happens on Visual Studio also. I have reinstalled and did a detect
and repair on both with no luck.

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I upgraded from OfficeXP to Office2003. Now everytime I start Outlook, the 
Windows Installer automatically starts.

I don't know what it thinks it needs to install, but it's tough to get 
anything done for several minutes.

Other notes- I have applied Office 2003 SP2, no change in behavior noted.
Add/Remove Programs still shows OfficeXP, but won't let me change or delete 

2.Windows Installer pops up everytime I open an Office 2007 program

A Windows Installer box breifly pops up no matter what Office program I open. 
 This includes IE.  All I've done is uninstall Office 2003 and Installed 07.  
I've done this a couple times.  Including using the optin in 07 that is to 
remove previous version of office.  My event viewer gives me this error: 
Detection of product '{91170409-6000-11D3-8CFE-0150048383C9}', feature 
'HandWritingFiles' failed during request for component 
I'm not comfortable with removing from the register.  But I have a feeling 
this is the solution.  Any Help??

3.EULA pops up everytime I start MS Offfice Word or Excel (Office 2003)

You can stop this behavior by first logging onto your computer as Administrator and then starting the program to "Run as Administrator". To do this you need to Right-Click on the file itself which should be located in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\EXCEL.exe" (or WINWORD.exe)

First close any open office applications, then open each one as explained above, click "Accept" on the EULA and then close the program. This should cure the problem.

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