Everytime Office 2003 starts Windows Installer pops up

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  • 1. 2000 installed - not prompted to register. Why?
    I recently had to format my hard drive and reinstall everything including Office 2000 (9.0.2720). When reinstalling office 2000, the process started by saying it could not find a version of Office on my PC. I thought this was odd and pointed it at g:\ (the drive with the cd in it). It then installed without a hitch. I later realised that, being an upgrade version of office 2000, it was probably looking for my old Office 97 (which of course is long gone). Have I installed it properly? How come it let me without details of my old office 97? With previous installations of Office 2000 (9.0.2720), it has ALWAYS prompted me to register (threatening me with death etc) but it has not done so this time. Why not? (Yes it is a legal version). The other thing is patch hell. When I do my 6 monthly format and reinstall, I seem to be forced to download updates and patches from MS (on my painfully slow dial-up modem). It seems I have no way of storing the files I'm downloading. It just installs them automatically. Whilst this might seem convenient, it is not, because everytime I want to format/reinstall I have to give up about 9 hours so I can download everything (again!). Is there a way of storing the files before installation? GPO
  • 2. Office 2000 Premium Installer Issues
    I have upgraded to Windows XP from ME. I have Office 2000 Premium. I have upgraded to Office XP Small Business Edition. I still use Powerpoint, Access and Frontpage from Premium. Access opens and closes fine. When I attempt to use Frontpage, Windows Installer pops up. Frontpage will open and is functional but Installer constantly runs. Powerpoint opens OK, but when I attempt to close it, Installer runs. How can I resovle this problem?
  • 3. Pictures redrawn
    Hi, I have microsoft word from office xp and I have a problem which the pictures pasted in a document aren't redrawn in word, so when you have a page with a picture and you scroll it up and down the bit that touches the top and down rulers leaves the picture the white lines,it's jagged. The only way to solve this that I've found is to click on the "Print layout button" (down left) or to reduce the hardware acceleration from the graphics card to 50%.This makes me thing its a graphics drivers problem but my card works fine my every other program and game I've got. I've also tried with word 2000 and it does the same. My system: Win XP SP1 GEForce MX2 with latest drivers Thank you
  • 4. need to reinstall Office XP Stud. edition on new computer
    Hello, I have been using XP off. Stud. for 4 months now now with my Compact presario. I have had many problems with the computer and have been told by HP/Compact to return it and they are replacing it with and upgraded laptop. my questions is how can I now install the Off. XP stud. edit. on the new computer. What do I need to obtain to show that I am not using it on two computers and I need to use it on the new computer? I really can not afford to acquire a new product. please advise
  • 5. office XP academic version
    I have recently purchased Office XP academic version only to find that Publisher is not part of it. As i have publisher already running on my machine was wondering if I installed Office XP whether it will wipe out publisher or leave it. If it wipes it out do I have to purchase another Microsoft publisher and if so which one? Thanking you in advance

Everytime Office 2003 starts Windows Installer pops up

Postby pputzback » Wed, 16 Feb 2005 02:59:53 GMT

This happens on Visual Studio also. I have reinstalled and did a detect
and repair on both with no luck.

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I upgraded from OfficeXP to Office2003. Now everytime I start Outlook, the 
Windows Installer automatically starts.

I don't know what it thinks it needs to install, but it's tough to get 
anything done for several minutes.

Other notes- I have applied Office 2003 SP2, no change in behavior noted.
Add/Remove Programs still shows OfficeXP, but won't let me change or delete 

2.Windows Installer pops up everytime I open an Office 2007 program

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3.EULA pops up everytime I start MS Offfice Word or Excel (Office 2003)

You can stop this behavior by first logging onto your computer as Administrator and then starting the program to "Run as Administrator". To do this you need to Right-Click on the file itself which should be located in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\EXCEL.exe" (or WINWORD.exe)

First close any open office applications, then open each one as explained above, click "Accept" on the EULA and then close the program. This should cure the problem.

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