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  • 1. Office 2003 Crash
    I recently did disk cleaning and prompted compressing old files now outlook & frontpage 2003 are not working properly. I am getting the window installer prompt. I have tried repair and reinstall from my cd & add/remove programs. No sucess, I really need all of my e-mails and frontpage files. When I want to re-install it goes as far as the following error. " Fatal Error during installation" I am using office 2003 pro.
  • 2. Office XP installed on slave drive
    I have Office XP installed on the secondary hard drive in my PC. I had downloaded the Service Pack 2 file, and finally got around to trying to update Office XP. When I tried to install this update through Control Panel_Add/Remove Programs, the final message came back that the system could not find the expected installation. It seems that the system is not looking past the C:\drive. Is there a way to interrupt this installation procedure or alter it to have the update look for a secondary or slave hard drive?
  • 3. No LSI option on Office 2003 Pro install
    Ofice was not finding my LSI files and I tried the LSI tool but got an error message upon use (0x80070002). I then uninstalled and reinstalled office which at the end of the install process should have given me the option of keeping the setup files on the computer, but I never got that dialog box. How do I fix this so I dont have to keep on putting the cd in every time it has to do something that requires a setup file?
  • 4. DATA1.MSI
    After installing the most recent SP for Office XP through the Windows Update website, I am being promted to point to a data1.msi file every time I try to open an Office program. This file is supposedly on the original disk, however, I do not have the original disk. I can no longer access any Office XP programs. I have attempted to uninstall Office, but I cannot, as it continues to prompt me for the data1.msi file. I have also attempted to install Office 2000, which worked until I rebooted the machine. Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated. I am at a dead end. -Chris XXXX@XXXXX.COM

25 Character CD Key

Postby QWxhbiBIdWdo » Thu, 02 Dec 2004 20:33:01 GMT

I purchased Office 2000 Standard from the retail market.  I had to restore my 
computer and tried to re-install my Office CD but couldn't because I no 
longer had my 25 character CD Key.  Is there any way to get this CD key or do 
I have to update to a newer office edition?

Re: 25 Character CD Key

Postby Miss Perspicacia Tick » Fri, 03 Dec 2004 03:28:52 GMT

All support for Office 2000 ceased at the end of June. If you wish to 
install Office you will need to purchase it again. Please be aware that, if 
you're running Windows ME or lower you can only install Office XP.
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