Uninstalling Office XP after Installing Office 2003-XP ERROR MESSA

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Uninstalling Office XP after Installing Office 2003-XP ERROR MESSA

Postby V2ViIEQgWnluZXMgYnkgVGhlIFdlYkd1cnU » Sun, 19 Mar 2006 06:43:27 GMT

Just installed Office 2003 and now EVERYTIME I open Outlook 2003 it tries to 
install Office XP over and over again. Error message says "network to install 
it from is unavailable" when I installed both from CD.
Tried to uninstall XP thru the Control Panel, and it has a Fatal Error and 
same error message. Also, my Outlook Contacts  List is unavailable and after 
installing 2K3 Outlook couldn't find the "PST"(?) folder, so I made a text 
file called Outlook.pst so 2K3 would open. It did, but these persistent 
problems ever since, and I can't uninstall Office XP, and don't want to 
unistall both and lose all my contacts since Office 97 and attachments!!!

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