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    I too am trying to activate from behind a proxy server. Mine has username/password protected access. Running IE, or anything else that tries to get to the Internet, results in a login dialog box to gain access to the proxy server. When the Office 2007 activation wizard runs there is a login dialog. I get the error message "A communication error has occurred. Your request cannot be processes at this time. Please try again in a few minutes." Is there an alternate method for activating Office 2007? I tried activating with the network unplugged, but that didn't reveal an alternate path. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Peter
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    impossible d'installer outlook ni revenir sur outlook 2003 Merci pour unr piste
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    Hi, I am unable to update/remove/patch etc.. my Office 2003 install. Whatever I do I always get the "installation source missing" and that's it. Detect and repair doesn't work: same error. Update through Microsoft Update: doesn't work. Apply SP2: same error. The errorbox does not say what file its is looking for that it can't find (a typical Microsoft error box, so to speak). Event log gives an event 11708 simply saying the Office install failed. Doesn't say why (a typical Microsoft event description, so to speak). The biggest problem is: I'm NOT prompted to insert the Office CD. What I tried: - Re-installed the MSOCache with the LSITool.exe (but I had never deleted it before). - upgrade Windows Installer to v3.1 because I found a KB article describing a similar problem KB893803 I never touched the Windows\Installer files, as far as I can see the Office MSI files are there. The situation is maybe a bit particular: I have an Office 2003 Standard installation. And I also have installed Frontpage 2003 from a seperate PC. Anyway, I'm quite desperate now. I was wondering if using the MSI Cleanup Utility would help me out, followed by a re-install of course. However, I want to be sure that I don't loose my mailboxes, my settings etc... Can someone please advice me about this? Thanks -- Paul
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    Hi, I am trying to customize the settings in Word 2003 using the custom maintenance wizard. Specifically, I need to change some of the Tools | AutoCorrect |AutoFormat settings; the Tools | AutoCorrect, Smart Tag settings; and the Tools | Options | Track Changes settings. I do not see these options exposed in the CMW, and need to know the registry settings I need to add to toggle these options for all users. Thanks, Tom Felts

Office XP Pro install over Office 2000 Premium

Postby Bobbie Leslie » Sun, 11 Jan 2004 14:48:29 GMT

Are there any problems that I need to be aware of in doing this,
Office XP Pro over Office 2000 Premium? I've scanned the Microsoft
areas and can't really get a good feel for this. I do have some Word
documents, Excel spreadsheets and email that I'd like to keep but I
suppose I could back all that up. Anyone been down this road I'd
appreciate your comments.

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1.Office 2000 Pro network install to Office 2000 Premium CD install

Since 2002, Ie had this Desktop computer running Windows 2000 Professional 
OS (upgraded to SP3 since) and 0ffice 2000 Professional both of them 
installed through the company network (got this PC in a severance package). 
It always worked fine and was used by my family to mainly do surfing on the 
Internet, e-mailing with Outlook Express (kids) and Outlook 2002 (my wife) 
but also some work with Word, Excel and Power Point.
During that same period I personally was using a Laptop that I bought in 
1999. It was running with Windows 98 SE and Office 2000 Premium (Off 2000 
Premium is a French version that I bought and installed in France when I 
lived there in 2001 ). My laptop worked great though I would have liked to 
increase its power and HD capacity but it had reached its physical capacity.
Since the kids are now living in there own apartment, I decided to copy all 
my laptop documents to the Desktop, remove from the desktop the Office 2000 
Professional (using Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel) and  install 
the Office 2000 Premium on the desktop.
I need to do this because the HD on the laptop is almost full and the one on 
the Desktop has a lot of space. I also and most importantly need the 
thesaurus (not installed with the network installation Off. 2000 Pro )since I 
write many documents in French and English. (PS: my old employer has 
unfortunately gone bankrupt).

Problem and comments.
I have used the administrator account for the different steps.

The installation of Off. 2000 Premium ended with a comment confirming the 
installation was completed (no problem or error identified), but I cannot 
launch any of the Off. 2000 Premium applications (Word, Excel, PPT) using the 
icon in the Start Menu). I do not get any message but can hear my computer 
working for 1 or 2 seconds.

I also cannot open a document (and automatically launch the Off. 2000 
Premium applications) by clicking on the document (Word or Excel). In this 
case I get a messageannot Find the file :\Documents and 
Settings\administrator\document name.doc\or one of its components). Make 
sure path and file name are correct and that all required libraries are 

The Outlook 2002 from the beginning is still working though I would have 
expected a Outlook 2000 to replace it like I had on my laptop.

Once the Off. 2000 Pro removal completed there were still about 112 MG of 
files left in the Office Program File (but I think this is normal)

The icon of Word, Outlook and Project (from Off. 2000 Pro. Is still in the 
Office 2000 file in the Start Menu  while the icons of Excel, PPT, Access 
show a TV look alike box instead). If I click on the Word or Outlook icon I 
get the following message his action only valid for products that are 
currently installedand when closed a second one from Windows Explorer 
saying nable to run this command On the other hand I can still launch 
Project which we never used.

What I did up to now.
I removed and reinstalled Off. 2000 Premium trying thing such as
Regular installation with input (initial try)
Customized installation (in a file I named (Office Premium) in Program Files 
instead of  the regular icrosoft Officefile name generated by the 
automatic installation.
I did the same as above a second time after having upgrading to Windows 
Installer 3.1(v2). 

What Now?
Is there anything I should do to regarding the message annot Find the file 
.(or one of its components). Make sure path and file name are correct and 
that all required libraries are available

Since I do not have the Windows 2000 Pro OS installation CD (as mentioned it 
was installed through a network) I cannot think of repairing the OS if it was 

Not to sure if I missed a step or if there is something else I should do.

Thank you in advance for any ideas for my next move short of installing 
Windows 98 OS (for which I have the original CD) or buying any other MS 

2.Upgraded from Office 2000 Premium to Office XP Pro

Why won't formulas work in previously saved (and 
operational in Off 2000-Prem.) spreadsheets, when opened 
in Excel XP? How can these spreadsheets be made to operate 
in Excel XP?  Do I have to uninstall Office XP and re- 
install Office 2000 Pre.?

3.Install Office 2003 Pro over Office 2000 Premium

I currently have Office 2000 Premium (which includes FrontPage).

I have ordered Office 2003 Pro (full, not upgrade).

Can I install Office 2003 Pro in such a way that replaces all the software
that comes with Office 2003 Pro "but" leaves the FrontPage software from
2000 Premium on my PC?

Please reply to the newsgroup.  Thanks in advance for any advice anyone may

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First time i was installed Office-2000 premium on WindowsXP.
Then i decide to revert to older version Office-97 (because of MSAccess 

Office-97 pro is installed and no errors occur.
All applications are working except MSAccess-97.
I get message like this: "Can't runn Access because no license are found on 
this mashine".

Does someone resolve this problem?

Also how to run Office-97 without Administrative permissions. VBA doesnt 
run. Should i give full permissions to some HKLM Registry?

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