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  • 1. I get error message when I enter product key
    I have original software and I try to reload my office pro.-2003 and when ever I enter the product key I get an error message saying it's not the rigrt key. Any help on this one please....... You can reah me at XXXX@XXXXX.COM Thanks Harsha
  • 2. Product Key for Office XP for Students
    Hello, The license agreement for Microsoft Office XP Standard for Students and Teachers states that "a parent or legal guardian my obtain as many copies of the Software Product as the number of Qualified Educational Users such parent or guardian is the parent or legal guardian for." Thus, my father purchased the software for my brother, my sister, and me (we are all students). However, the product key can only be used for 2 computers. How can we get another product key for the 3rd educational user? Thanks.
  • 3. Outlook 2003 Desktop Icon
    I know it is not created on XP PCs to be XP logo compliant. Is it created on 2K PCs if there is a previous icon there? When in XP theme there is an "E-Mail" special shortcut created/pinned on the Start menu. Is this specific to that one PC it is created on (meaning is there PC specific data in the shortcut)? I don't think so as I just copied one from my PC to another XP PC and it worked. Even when I switch it to classic mode. I am thinking (since all users want this shortcut on their desktop like our Outtlook 2002 one) I will check for OS, and if XP I will copy a saved/renamed copy of the special shortcut to our users desktop from my install directory. Anyone doing that?
  • 4. offfice installatin corrupt
    My office installatin has been corrupted. Office itself works find but I cannot "change" or "remove" and I cannot update anymore either. According to the error message, the MSP files in the Windows\Insaller directory can no longer be found. I think what I need is a long, painful, manual removal procedure for Office. Then I can reinstall it.
  • 5. MSEXCL35.dll
    When attempting to install Office 97 Pro Ed in XP Pro SP1, a message towards the end of Setup states "MSEXCL35.dll was unable to register itself in the system registry". The result is a partial installation.

re-install office 2007 suite after upgrade

Postby QmlrZXJ5YW1haGE » Wed, 17 Sep 2008 17:33:01 GMT

I intend to upgrade my computer totaly m/board,Proccessor,h/drives still 
using windows x.p Pro service pack 3, reading all the pitfalls with v.l.k 
will the same key work after upgrade

Re: re-install office 2007 suite after upgrade

Postby W Wolfe » Thu, 18 Sep 2008 03:53:40 GMT

FYI - I will be doing the same thing and have the same question.  I have 
installed Office2007 on my laptop with no problems, but now comes the third 

W. Wolfe

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