uninstalling office 2000 without the original cds

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    Does anyone know how to create an install of Office 2003 that is unattended and is has preconfigured settings such as the location of the "Save as" location and the Exchange server settings. I did this once before awhile back, but do not remember where I got the information.
  • 2. Office not working well
    I notice that sometimes word documents in the "my documents" folder or desktop would not open unless I restarted the PC. Once I restart the PC they load fine for a day then they stop working again or load very slowly. The weird part is that if I open word itself and open a document from inside word it works everytime... Word email attachments also have hard timeopening unless I restart. I have no adware or viruses on my machine. Any Ideas this is very frustrating. This happens with any Office component. I uninstalled and reinstalled with all updates and still have the same issue. (I wonder if one of the office updates is causing this.) Thank you
  • 3. my office 97 won't work
    I have just got a laptop and it won't let me install office 97 even with my cd-code. I have the program on my pc using it for years now with no trouble. I need to use the program for power point on my laptop as I work between the two. help please Diane
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    Default language has been set to US english several times but outlook and excel still seems to have french as default setting. How do I change it permanently to US english? Thanks
  • 5. CABS can't be found during Office 2003 installation
    I have tried numerous installations tonight of Office 2003, and I keep getting various errors stating that a particular CAB file cannot be found (the CAB files differ at times). I've taken the CD out of one drive and put it in another (which got it by -that- CAB file but then failed to find another very shortly). I have two different Office 2003 installation disks (both of them legitimate) and tried switching them. Again, this sometimes moved the installation process past the particular CAB file it was looking for at that point, but quickly stopped again after failing to find another CAB file. I've tried the Microsoft Knowledgebase workarounds (flatfile installation, installing only one program at a time rather than the entire suite), and nothing works. Neither of these CDs had trouble copying their files to the Flatfile folders I made. Help! It'd be much appreciated if someone could help me get through this one. Thanks, Gary -- Gary

uninstalling office 2000 without the original cds

Postby jbl » Thu, 15 Jan 2004 08:19:41 GMT

can anyone tell me how to uninstall office if i don't have 
the original cds. installing new doesn't work. it keeps 
looking for the old files on a server long gone.

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I posted this in the Setup forum but since it's not 
technically setup, I guess I'll psot it here too...

I have a PC that had 3 versions of Office on it. 2000, 
2000 Premium SP-1, and XP.  I only want XP on there so I 
tried uninstalling the rest.  Office 2000 removed just 
fine.  Office 2000 Premium SP-1 won't uninstall.  WHen I 
try to remove it, it prompts for the CD it was originally 
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Brute force method: delete the subdirectory and run regedit to remove any
and all entries therein.

"Mike" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message
news:078b01c35c57$19711f60$ XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...
> I'm trying to remove Office 2000 from a PC but when I do
> that it says I have to put the CD in.  Well, I don't have
> the CD which is why I want to uninstall Office 2000.  I
> have office 2002 which I want to put on instead.
> How the heck can I get rid of the old office when it keeps
> asking me for the CD?
> Please help!
> Thanks.

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