uninstalling office 2000 without the original cds

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uninstalling office 2000 without the original cds

Postby jbl » Thu, 15 Jan 2004 08:19:41 GMT

can anyone tell me how to uninstall office if i don't have 
the original cds. installing new doesn't work. it keeps 
looking for the old files on a server long gone.

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I posted this in the Setup forum but since it's not 
technically setup, I guess I'll psot it here too...

I have a PC that had 3 versions of Office on it. 2000, 
2000 Premium SP-1, and XP.  I only want XP on there so I 
tried uninstalling the rest.  Office 2000 removed just 
fine.  Office 2000 Premium SP-1 won't uninstall.  WHen I 
try to remove it, it prompts for the CD it was originally 
installed from.  Problem is, I don't have that CD.

How the heck do I remove this without the CD?  It's 
interfering with some Outlook Add-Ins that I have so I 
need it to go away.


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3.Uninstalling Office 2000 without the CD

Brute force method: delete the subdirectory and run regedit to remove any
and all entries therein.

"Mike" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message
news:078b01c35c57$19711f60$ XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...
> I'm trying to remove Office 2000 from a PC but when I do
> that it says I have to put the CD in.  Well, I don't have
> the CD which is why I want to uninstall Office 2000.  I
> have office 2002 which I want to put on instead.
> How the heck can I get rid of the old office when it keeps
> asking me for the CD?
> Please help!
> Thanks.

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