Macro warning w/Ensuredmail Encryption Word 2002

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  • 1. Its Office 2003 Web Component ADD IN
    Its Office 2003 Web Component ADD IN that is cuasing the update probelms, just uninstall it then try the update of SP1
  • 2. Could Have sorted Office 2003 SP Probelm
    So Simple Yet Unbeliveable, If you have probelms installing the SP1. just make sure you have no Office Web Compoments Programs in your ADD/Remove. We had Trouble did all the usaul install uninstall, then we notice the PCs we were having trouble with had web components installed we took them out. BINGO service went in like a treat, no probelms when rechecked with office web site & the admin setup siad update already installed. all sorted & back to normal.

Macro warning w/Ensuredmail Encryption Word 2002

Postby CEM » Wed, 11 Feb 2004 13:38:47 GMT

1. new user with WIN XP PRO; have applied all recent updates to MSOFFICE,
i.e. KB830346 Word 2002; KB830350 Excel 2002.
2. using ENSUREDMAIL encryption software.
3. composed MSWORD encrypted test document sent it and afterwards received
MSWORD warning "...macos either expired or revoked signature, and since you
are running HIGH security, these macros will be disabled".
4. I was informed next day, my test msg was 'not encrypted' and was 'open'
at its destination, NOT THE desired result.
5. Are there settings to be made in WORD and EXCEL for it to work w/3rd
party encryption software, any info on WHY or HOW TO FIX is needed.
6. Please be specific where to make changes and how to get there as I am new
user w/WORD and EXCEL.
7. I also sent email many days ago to EnsuredMail but no reply yet.

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