Nothing in FRENCH is ever required (e.g. Office Update)!

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  • 1. Cant install Office 2003 Service Pack 2
    I have tried many times to install it, but it will not work. It is properly downloaded already, but when it tries to install it, it shows the message that the installation failed. When i click on the red icon it says: Installation Failure, Error Code: 0x530 . Can anyone help me?
  • 2. Update Failure
    I'm using Office 2k with the frontpage 2002 upgrade. I was able to update once or twice, files that demanded exclusive download, and now suddenly no update singular or batched will install. Any ideas? I can download and install patches manually, but shouldn't have to do that with the auto-update feature, right? Kind of a pain to have to go to the auto-update page to see what I need, then go to the manual download page to find them and install them individually. Thanks. RDJ

Nothing in FRENCH is ever required (e.g. Office Update)!

Postby RGF2ZQ » Mon, 30 May 2005 22:40:02 GMT

Nothing in FRENCH is ever required  (e.g. Office Update)!

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