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  • 1. Office 2003 Update KB942571 will not install
    Office 2003 Professional Edition, XP with SP2. Office SP3 is not installed. Update KB942571 has tried to install several times over the past week. I continue to get notification of new updates. Apparently the file has downloaded, but I have no idea where it is at on the computer. I am not sure whether I am even using the junk E-Mail filter or not. How can I tell? I use Nortons for my anti-virus protection and Windows for my firewall. A. How can I get this update to install? B. Failing that, how can I remove the file from my computer? C. How can I get Microsoft Update to stop telling me about KB942571? I know there is a box somewhere to check and hide this update, but have forgotten how to get to it. I had similar problems about a year ago. Office Updates were not installing. If I remember correctly, I did a complete un-install of Office and re- installed Office. Needless to say, I would rather not do that.
  • 2. Install Access 2007 if using Office 2003?
    I bought a Dell in January 2007 which has Office 2003 but does not include Access. I would like to buy Access and it seems only the 2007 version is available. Are there any known incompatibility issues with installing Access 2007 on a system with MS Office 2003?
  • 3. Problem with importing Outlook PRF-file after Office 2003 SP3
    I use the folowing vbs to import a prf file to configure an Outlook profile This feature always worked, but after Offcie 2003 SP3 not anymore. reinstall office without SP3 solves the problem WSHShell.RegWrite "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Outlook\Setup \ImportPRF", %PRFfile+ path% , "REG_SZ" I don't think it is syntax related (because it always worked). Is there anybody that also experienced this problem. my server is W2K3 SP2 with all patches same machine without SP3 and all other Office hotfixes worked also. my conclusion is that this is directly related to SP3
  • 4. Microsoft Updates with Office 2007 and Vista
    In order to update Office 2007 on Vista I'm sent to the Microsoft Update site, where I'm given two automatic download choices. If I enable Microsoft Updates and update Office 2007, can I turn it off when I'm done? Thanks

Front Page 2002

Postby SkkzMTQ » Mon, 25 Oct 2004 08:57:01 GMT

Have just installed Office 2003 Pro over XP Office Pro including Front Page 
2002. I installed 2003 as an update and this was fine. I then updated from 
the Web and an update file down loaded, and then half way into the update was 
asked for the location of (PROPLUS.MSI).

Have searched and all I can find is FP11, OWC10, OWC121.MSI neither of these 
would allow the update to carry on.

Any thoughts

RE: Front Page 2002

Postby Q2hyaXMgU2NoYXR0ZQ » Mon, 25 Oct 2004 10:05:02 GMT

You'll need the original installation source. Search here:
Type in proplus.msi there are several hits replies. You could also google 
your search.

Chris Schatte

use the Office Online web based newsreader here:
In Office System 2003 applications:
Help/Assistance Pane/open Communities

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