office 2003 update "installation unsuccessful"

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    In control panel, add/remove programs, what version of Office do you show as installed? Post all replies to the group to keep the discussion intact. After searching and finding no answer Mike W < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > asked: | Several months ago i bought and onstalled office xp pro. | In trying to do an office xp updtae (service pack 1), it | asked me for disks for office xp small business, but I | only have office xp pro disks. Solutions?
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    Yes, the 1a update was to correct some issues with NT users only. Post all replies to the group to keep the discussion intact. After searching and finding no answer Richard Gurney < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > asked: | I am about to get SR1 on CD together with SP3. | SP3 says it requires SR1a in order to load. | The knowledge base says that in most cases the extra | items are not needed (except if upgrade to NT4) | Will SP3 install properly just over the SR1 CD (O/s is | Windows XP home with SP1 factory fitted) | | thanks | Richard
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    I DO HAVE the SR1a update. Windows Update allowed me to download and install that one normally. After restart, I tried to install the SP3 update and got the symptoms I described below. John >-----Original Message----- >you don't say if you've also got / installed the SR1a >update. SP3 says it does require this to install > >Richard >>-----Original Message----- >>I'm in the process of re-initializing my desktop >>workstation and have re-installed the OS and Office >2000. >>The office update correctly identified I needed SP-3 and >>let me download it. However, it will not complete the >>install. I've reviewed the troubleshooting guide and >>nothing there seems applicable. I have the original >CD's >>from which Office 2000 was installed and in fact they >are >>in the CD drive. >> >>Why isn't this working? >>. >> >. >

office 2003 update "installation unsuccessful"

Postby S2Vu » Thu, 03 Feb 2005 03:59:05 GMT

I have office 2003 pro w/ sp1 installed on win xp pro w/sp2 computer.  I can 
go throught every part of the office update process (check for updates, 
download updates, etc.)  including the install process, but when the 
"progress bar" finishes (step 5 of 5) I repetedly get an error message, 
"installation unseccessful".  I have tried the suggesstions, but no luck.  
Everything else works great, even windows update.  Why?

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Apart from the "Installation unsuccessful" there is no other information 
provided to help diagnose the problem.

2.Office 2003 update Installation Unsuccessful

By using the automatic downloading for updates I got the messages:
"Installation Unsuccessful"
Update (KB885828) Office 2003
Update (KB892236)

Thanks 2003 pro update installation unsuccessful

I have office 2003 pro w/sp1, win xp pro w/sp2.  When I try and update office 
I receive "installation unsuccessful".  I have no problem checking for 
updates, dowloading them or even starting the installation.  But, when the 
progress bar in 100% (step 5 of 5) I get the error "installation 
unsuccessful".  I have tried the suggestions with no success.

4.Unsuccessful installation of Office 2003 critical update?

I just installed Office 2003 on two computers in my home 
network.  I then attempted to download and install any 
Office 2003 updates.  There was one critical update 
listed: 'Office 2003 Critical Update KB828041'.

The download itself was successful, and the installation 
completed (as best I could tell), but the Installation 
Result window showed 'Installation Unsuccessful'.  There 
was no reason or clue as to why.

The same result occurred on both of my PCs.

Both PCs have Office 2003 activated, and both seem to be 
running fine otherwise.

Anyone else run into this problem?  Any suggestions how 
to pinpoint the cause of my installation error?  (Is 
there a log generated during the update that I could 


Paul 2003 sp1 installation unsuccessful

I have a small network, with a stacte IP and a router in a domain with a 
server running SBS 2003 up to date with updates, and two workstations one is 
a laptop  with windows 2000 pro, the other is a tower with windows xp with 
sp2 on it, The tower has a cel 2.4 Ghz  CPU, 1GB memory and 2 hard drives 
totaling 200GB.
When I do a update scan, if finds Office 2003 sp1, Projects 2002 sp1, Visio 
2003 sp1 and outlook 2003 junk e-mail filter. When I try to install them they 
failed execpt outlook is installed successfully. When I installed it by it's 
I've tryed installing them one at a time no luck.
I downloaded the office sp1 client and fullfile downloads and tryed both 
with no luck.
I repaired office 2003, retryed all installs no luck.
I've checked Article 832672 on GUIDs codes.
When I go to 
Hkey_local_machine\softwaremicrosoft\windows\currentversion\uninstall, guids 
id 91110409-600. The installSource reads D:\msocache\all 
users\91110409-600-11dc-8cfe-0150048383c9\. All office products are the same 
I've checked article 884298.
When I go to  
The path data is G:\ which is correct.
I've looked at the ohotfix file,  .log and msi.log but I don't fully 
understand them.
The .log shows the faillers. I don't what to do.
I had the problem some tine ago and ran the windows installer clean up 
program, re installed everything  with no affect.
Question where can I get a downloadable copy of windows installer 3.0.

I need help what elece  can I do.

Thank you.

Thomas G.

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