I get an error message when installing WindowsUpdate_0000057E

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    I know it is seriously out of date, however it has served me well enough. I am looking for any of the service pack updates. I recently upgraded my computer and my operating system to Windows XP Pro. Any suggestions on where I can find downloads to update Office Pro version 4.3?
  • 2. Outlook 2002 sp3
    I would appreciate someone suggesting a resolution to the following annoyance. Thanks. Ever since running the sp3 upgrade to Office XP every time I want to create an email a a dialog box comes up to ask me if I want to allow a program attempting to access my email addresses... It is Word starting as my email editor and it happens every time I want to send or reply to an email. I have it set up to use Microsoft Word as my editor and it is part of the Office XP suite so what's up?
  • 3. Office 2k3 update fail error---no category
    Every time I try to update Office 2003, the updates download, then start to install then fails. System states "Update failed due to error" And that is all. Doesn't say what kind of error or anything. I then downloaded the administrative full updates, to try it that way, same thing. What am I missing here??
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    I attempt to load the SP3 for Office 2003. When applying I get the message that this was originally loaded from a server at work (could be true. I have obtained the full OfficeXP3-kb832671-Fullfile-enu.exe When attempting to apply I still get asked for the path to the original point where Office 2002 was loaded from. Any Ideas?? Thanks!

I get an error message when installing WindowsUpdate_0000057E

Postby Q2hhcldlczM » Fri, 20 Feb 2009 07:55:03 GMT

How do I install "WindowsUpdate_0000057E" when it keeps failing?

Re: I get an error message when installing WindowsUpdate_0000057E

Postby Peter Foldes » Fri, 20 Feb 2009 11:10:47 GMT

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