After downloading the latest office updates, my outbox won't s

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    Which package is microsoft office Visio 2007 included?
  • 2. Office 2003 Update, minus Outlook 2003
    I don't have Outlook 2003 installed (since it doesn't allow free Hotmail use) with my Office 2003 suite. Nevertheless, Windows Update recommends that I install the Outlook 2003 update for junk email filtering. Should I allow this update -- it seems to have no app to update! Basically, I just want the recommendation to quit appearing constantly on every bootup. Thanks. EW

Re: After downloading the latest office updates, my outbox won't s

Postby SG91c2luZyBEaXJlY3Rvcg » Sat, 19 Feb 2005 04:55:06 GMT

Hi Susan, 
	Whatever the problem was, it working alright now. To answer your 
questions, I using Office 2003 and have an ISP that uses POP. The mail was 
just sitting in the Outbox. I wasn getting any error messages. Maybe the 
problem was with the ISP and I only noticed it after installing the updates 
for Office. Anyway, thanks for responding. I appreciate your trying to help. 
Housing Director

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