Office Update failure, fresh Office 2000 install on XP Home

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Office Update failure, fresh Office 2000 install on XP Home

Postby U2NvdHRC » Sun, 25 Mar 2007 15:40:05 GMT

I just installed Office 2000 Small Business on a brand new Win XP Home 
machine, and then I ran Office Update.  It successfully installed SR-3 along 
with a number of other updates, but there are eight updates which download 
but fail when they try to install.  They do not call for a CD, which in any 
case I have should I need them.  I've tried restarting, turning off 
anti-virus software, and installing each update individually, all to no 
avail.  Any ideas on what to try next?  I remember a problem like this years 
ago, and the solution was to get hold of the update file directly and install 
it via another mechanism, but I don't recall what that was.

The offending updates are:


Re: Office Update failure, fresh Office 2000 install on XP Home

Postby Peter Foldes » Sun, 25 Mar 2007 22:36:00 GMT

Office 2000 SB is not supported anymore.

What you want to try is to download these Updates individually and NOT from Windows Update but from (as an example) from Microsoft Downloads or Directly from Office downloads and installing them 1 by 1 manually.


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Re: Office Update failure, fresh Office 2000 install on XP Home

Postby U2NvdHRC » Thu, 29 Mar 2007 08:56:10 GMT

That was what I was forgetting...that worked...thanks!

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