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Office 2003 SP2 installation problems

Postby Q29tcEVkZ2U » Sat, 01 Oct 2005 15:57:02 GMT

I have been trying to install the Office 2003 SP2 update for about a month 
now and cannot get it installed.  It downloads fine, but it only gets about 
30% complete during install.  Any suggestion?

Re: Office 2003 SP2 installation problems

Postby Carl » Sat, 01 Oct 2005 17:10:25 GMT

Several earlier postings have suggested running 'Detect and Repair' from 
'Help' at any Office app. I did it from Word. It asked for the original CD, 
which I have and provided. Then it ran and ended with no relevant comment. 
It said something like 'Office 2003 setup has completed'. But, apparently it 
fixed the problem. I then ran Microsoft Update which told me that SP2 had 
been downloaded and was ready to install. I clicked the 'Install' button and 
SP2 did install. Apparently everything works OK and my Office apps now show 

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1.Office 2003 SP2 installation problem with Vista


I'm currently running Vista Business and every time I try to install
SP2 for Office 2003 it fails because it can't access a file.

The file it's trying to access is 'mapisvc.inf' I've tried to change
the permissions on it so the installer can access it and change it but
I can't do that apparently.

Is there a fix for this problem? I would have thought one of the
things Microsoft would have done whilst testing Vista was at least
make sure Office worked correctly and you could update it!

Thanks for any help.

2.sms 2003 sp2 - office 2003 sp2 - itmu not updating all office apps

I am using SMS 2003/ITMU to upgrade my clients to office 2003 SP2 from SP1. 
The package I have created is set to download all the files and then execute 
from the local cache. The problem I am having is that the SP2 looks to be 
installing correctly but when I check my apps some are at SP2 and others at 
SP1, and this is affecting different apps on different machines. Has anyone 
seen this before or have some insight to what's going on?


3.Office 2003 SP2 Error on installation??

I'm getting the following error when trying to install Office 2003 SP2.

Extracting File Failed.  It is most likely caused by low memory (low disk 
space for swapping file) or corrupted cabinet file.

Anyone know a solution for this.


4.Office 2003/sp1 upgrade to sp2 --installation point

I have an admin installation point of Office 2003 that has been 
patched(slipstream) with sp1. Is it possible to patch the admin installation 
point with sp2 on top of the 2003/sp1 or does sp2 have to be patched to a 
clean Office 2003 image? Thanks for any feedback.

server - server2k3
wrkst - xp/sp2 

5.Office 2003 SP2 installation via AIP for future use with WSUS


My understanding is that WSUS and MU will fail to update Office 2003 if it 
has been installed from an administrative installation point that has been 
altered.  Altered means if any service pack or other patch has been 
slipstreamed into the AIP.

My goal is to use SMS to install Office 2003 with SP2 such that from that 
point on clients will use WSUS to patch Office.

To get around the problem of retaining an RTM AIP (for compatibility with 
WSUS) I am installing Office with the following command:

msiexec /qb TRANSFORMS=custom.mst /i pro11.msi PATCH=MAINSP2ff.msp

This is a simplified command line as the one I am actually using obviously 
specifies the full UNC path to the MSI and MSP.

This seems to work fine.  Office 2003 is installed on clients and SP2 is 
installed right along with it at the same time.  The administrative source 
is still RTM so WSUS should work (although I don't know for sure that it 
does yet).

The final query I have is where does OWC11SP2.msp fit in with this?  This 
patch file is in the Office 2003 SP2 download as well as the main file.   I 
realise it is for Office Web Components (whatever this is), but I am not 
sure at what point I should be applying this patch.

Obviously with my installation command above I am ignoring this patch 
completely.  Is PRO11.MSI calling OWC11.MSI?  Does that mean I have 
installed Office 2003 with SP2, but OWC is remaining as RTM on the client 
PC?  That can't be good.  Maybe OWC11.MSI isn't being installed at all?  I 
have no idea whether it's part of a standard Office 2003 install or a 
totally separate component.

If it IS being installed with a standard installation, how would I get my 
command line to upgrade OWC11.MSI to SP2 at the same time?


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