internet explore 6sp1 win98se can not do office 2000 updates?

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  • 1. Could you make Office XP SP3 available on disk?
    Is Office XP SP3 available on a CD? The download is in excess of 53 Megabytes and download time is in excess of 6 hours. Or, can I use my son's computer, not at my e-mail address, to download this? How do I go about doing this? Thank you
  • 2. Office XP table currupted
    When the users attempt to open a previously saved Word XP (2002) document they get the error table in this document has become corrupted My network setup consists of a server running Windows 2000 Server where templates being accessed by Windows 2000 Professional workstations on the same LAN but this error also appears when the target files are opened locally on the server as well. According to Microsoft article 328232 this issue is corrected with the installation of office service pack 3. Office service Pack 3 as well as all operating system service packs are loaded on all involved equipment and rebooted as of today but still the error message remains. I have also after verifying all service packs having been installed opened the target file and resaved it only to see the error message return after attempted reopening.
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  • 4. Why is 02kSp3 application for Office 2000 Premium not a valid WIN.
    I have saved the upgrade to my desktop 3 times now. I want to run it and the computer tells me it is not a valid WIN32 application. I disabled the virus program and the firewall as that was one thing I read to do if downloading was a problem.
  • 5. How do I update Office 2000 after updating to Office XP when Disk.
    I updated to Office XP from Office 2000. I can't do the updates because, for some unknown reason, Office updates still thinks I have Office 2000 and is requiring Disk 2 of the Office 2000 original release for file DATA2.MSI. Unfortunately, my original disk got damaged and I haven't been able to find a suitable DATA2.MSI file. What do I do to resove this problem?

internet explore 6sp1 win98se can not do office 2000 updates?

Postby amFtaWU » Sun, 23 Apr 2006 00:22:01 GMT

after restoring my computer which has win 98 se i had to do a internet 
explore update of 6sp1 know i can not do the office 2000 updates gives me a 
message about active x install everything is ok with active x and also i can 
not download the latest macromedia flash player nor can i do the latest java 
update infact after doing java update i half to boot up in safe mode and 
unistall java then reboot everything is ok if i leave java on during boot up 
the computer just freezes at the log in screen pleas help or is this just 
part of microsoft trying to force out win 98 se ussers ?

Re: internet explore 6sp1 win98se can not do office 2000 updates?

Postby Tom [Pepper] Willett » Sun, 23 Apr 2006 08:01:12 GMT

Could you please try re posting using punctuation and sentences properly 
structured so people can read what you are asking?

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