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  • 1. File missing when try to download SP2, cannot find on o
    In trying to install ms office 2003 sp2, a file not found error occurs for the above file. It requests the original source for 'ms office standard' be accessed for the file. I have never had this version. I have ms office professional enterprise edition 2003, and the file is not found on this original cd. Any suggestions of how to deal with this?
  • 2. Office updates KB923272 & KB924424 fail still
    I'm running XP SP2 and beta-testing the Office 2007 - I had Office XP before I upgraded to the beta. I NEVER had 2003, never added the xls viewer (till it was suggested as fix for this problem) Office 2003 updates KB923272 & KB924424 still fail to update, after the Technical Refresh 507+MB I have been hiding them in Updates (otherwise the AutoUpdate shows them every 15 minutes) I'm a bit frustrated and about ready to rip Office out by the roots.
  • 3. Cannot update Office 2003 after installing Office 2007 beta
    After installing the Office 2007 beta I am unable to install updates for my pre-existing installation of Office 2003. Each version is installed in separate directories. The only remedy I have found is to first uninstall the beta, then uninstall Office 2003, the re-install 2003 and patch it completely. Using Detect and Repair or even re-installing over the existing installation does not work. I have been through both knowledge base articles 304498 and 903774. I can find any other posts describing this exact problem and I appreciate any insight.
  • 4. KB917347
    If use to save .doc files as word 6.0/95 don't instal this fix. It has a bug The header information is lost.

Latest update for Office 2007 SP2

Postby b2xkbWFu » Sat, 02 May 2009 01:42:15 GMT

I downloaded the SP2 update today and tried to install.  The update did a 
check of my Office installation and came back with an error that there was a 
corrupted database.  How do i fix this so that the update will install?  When 
I tried to install via Windows Update I got the error 8007006E.  Will i have 
to uninstall all of office 2007?

Re: Latest update for Office 2007 SP2

Postby John » Sat, 02 May 2009 02:54:13 GMT

Did you try running Office repair? It's worked for others with the same
problem. I don't have Office 2007 so I cant say where the feature is

On Thu, 30 Apr 2009 09:42:15 -0700, oldman

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