How can I find file

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How can I find file

Postby SGFyYm9u » Fri, 17 Sep 2004 19:41:01 GMT

Whenever I try to install SP1 for my MS Word 2003 Pro, it can not find file  I tried full Web Components to no avail.  How can I install SP1 
under this circumstance? 

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1.Trouble updating Office 2003 to SP1 -- can't find SKU0A4.CAB

I'm trying to install Office 2003 SP1 udpate and it's failing.  The
error dialogue has an Office Web Components title and says it can't
find SKU0A4.CAB.  It doesn't give an option to browse.

I've tried installing with the ISO file mapped as F: (same as original
installation--it's from MSDN), with files from ISO copied to HD and
subst'd to F:, without the cd, and with the full-file installation.  I
also reinstalled Office Web Components (11.0.6362.0) and it didn't

I can see the file, it's there.

Please help.



2.Outlook 2003 SP1 will not complete due missing

When I try to update Outlook 2003 with the SP1 update, I receive an error 
message that the file is missing or corrupted.  I have the 
original product CDs and have put all over the hard drive, but 
cannot convince the thing that the update should complete successfully.  
GAAAK!!!  What's up with this thing?!?

3.Office 2003 SP 1 and SKU0A4.CAB

I've attempted to install the Office 2003 SP1 updates several times now and
I continue to get an error prompting for the original installation media and
the file SKU0A4.CAB.  I've inserted the original Office 2003 CD and verified
that the SKU0A4.CAB file is there.

I went back and downloaded the full version of the update that shouldn't
require the original install CD and it
continues to fail with the same error "A required installation file
SKU0A4.CAB could not be found."

This error message also says, "Your Microsoft Office 2003 Web Components
installation source has been corrupted or removed.  You will need to
download Microsoft Office 2003 Web Components again or reinstall from your
original media."

I've gone to Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs and attempted both a
repair and a reinstall of Microsoft Office 2003 Web Components.  In each
case I get the same error messages as above.  In both instances the original
Office 2003 CD with the SKU0A4.CAB file is in the CD drive.  I've also
opened the CAB file with WinZip just to verify that it is not somehow
corrupt on the CD.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.


4.SKU0A4.CAB Problem - Finally got Office 2003 SP1 to Install

FWIW department.

Had to use the LISTool.exe program from Microsoft to completely delete and deactivate the MSO Cache folder. After that I ran the full-file version of SP1 and the program successfully installed, finding the SKU0A4.CAB on my original installation disk. I run Office 2003 Student & Teacher Edition.

Prior to the above got the same SKU04A.CAB error as everyone else, and so far as I could figure, that CAB was NOT in the MSO Cache folder on my hard drive. Evidently, with the MSO Cache folder on board, that is where SP1 looks, declining to search the original install disk if the CAB is not found. Go figure.

Hope this helps!

Regards, Bill Gray

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