Office XP Update Function Will Not Work!!

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    Since early November I have not been able to install office 2003 updates. I have followed the knowledge base advice and the Office Source Engine is set to manual, but still no success. I suspect that it might be a problem in the registry as I had been affected by a virus and a colleague ran a registry cleaner. Am I right in thinking that the easiest solution would be to uninstall office 2003 and reinstall it? I Thanks Andrew
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Office XP Update Function Will Not Work!!

Postby Gary » Sat, 13 Sep 2003 22:22:28 GMT

I have Microsoft Office XP Pro on my computer.  
I have downloaded all the updates from Windows Update, 
When I go to Office Online Update site which directs me 
to the download page and select check for updates it 
starts to scan and stays stuck at at 30% and will not 
scan further for updates beyond that point.
Does anyone have sugestion or fix for this problem???

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