disconnected during SP3 download

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disconnected during SP3 download

Postby RUxPNTc4 » Mon, 04 Oct 2004 00:53:02 GMT

How do I get a CD for Office SP3 update

Re: disconnected during SP3 download

Postby Kathleen Anderson [MVP - FrontPage] » Mon, 04 Oct 2004 01:20:56 GMT


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1.Shutdown during SP3 download and installation

Alright, a client of mine was downloading SP3 on her office machine and 
decided it was taking too long and shut it down.  Then she tried to restart 
chose "last known good config", it wouldn't start so she shut it down again 
and then again and then again.

It now just loops during startup, I get the loading screen and then a 
restart.  Won't go into safe mode with the message; can not run in safe mode 
setup is not loaded.

I have run the following for solutions:

chkdsk /r
Loaded a repair of xp (second screen choice where it copies all new files, 

What should I do?

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Prior to uninstalling 2003 from the old Exchange server to completely 
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intermittently drop connection to the new 2007 Exchange server from the 
outlook client.  It will usually reconnect after some time and then will do 
the same thing again.  When I connect the old Exchange 2003 server back into 
the network the client disconnects stop.  
Mail works when only the 2007 server is connected and mail flow appears to 
be fine, all mailboxes are accessible, and the public folders and address 
lists are functional.  
My question is does anyone know of a reason why when I disconnect the old 
Exchange 2003 server it appears to cause network issues that then 
intermittently disconnect the clients from their mailbox server?

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 Just Upgrade Exchange 2000 to 2003 and upgrade all the Outlook 2002 client 
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Event Type: Information 
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We have worked closely with the server and made many 
changes as directed by them. 
The phone, modem and configuration, device management all 
have checked out, "no problem". We have made all the 
configuration changes as suggested by the server and 
technicians. The  senior technician has told us our system 
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problem is or how to find the problem.
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